Looking for good school district and good allergist

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Hi everyone, I am new to this group. My son has been diagnosed with a peanut allergy. It has been really scary so far. We are moving to the west suburbs of Chicago and are looking for a new allergist and a new school district. Can anyone please make some recommendations on any schools that are either peanut free or great at supporting a safe environment for a child allergic to peanuts (near western suburbs, northwest suburbs, or southwest suburbs of Chicago).

Also, does anyone have an allergist who specializes in food allergies or is really in-tune with food allergies. Our old allergist told us our son was allergic, via scratch test and was very vague at how to handle it.

Thank you!

By Chantel Donnan on Apr 25, 2013

How old is your son? Also, as for finding an allergist, Zoc Doc can help you find someone in your area who also takes your insurance: http://www.zocdoc.com/allergists/chicago-210499pm?marketing=true&gclid=CMjZvJmN57YCFct7Qgod22gAbw