looking for as much info as possible

Posted on: Thu, 04/12/2001 - 4:27am
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pHello Allbr /
I have a 5 1/2 year old with PA. The first time he had a reaction it was when I gave him his first peanutbutter and Jelly sandwich. His skin got all blocky and his eyes swelled almost completely shut. I had no idea what was wrong. He took a nap and it went away. I though maybe it was the strawberry jelly, so I tried grape. Same reaction. Then when he was 3 we were at a wedding away from home and the reception was by candle light. The desert was icecream sundaes..with walnut topping. Before I knew what happened, Riley was throwing up all over the place and then his throat closed. In a TOTAL state of panic he was taken to the nearest hospital by ambulance. After that I carry an epi pen with me wherever I go. Riley will be starting kindergarten this fall and I am very scared. He currently goes to preschool and they have been wonderful but Im nervous on how the school district will handle this. Any information that anyone has as to how to approach this I would Greatly Appreciate. I would also like any other web sites that anyone else knows about that would contain information, like how to determine what "natural ingredients" are.br /
Thank you./p

Posted on: Thu, 04/12/2001 - 2:20pm
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This site is full of info and supportive people who know just what you are going through. Check out the links, schools, and living with PA threads especially. Go to the links, arm yourself with info and educate and prepare that school. FAAN at foodallergy.org is a good site, they are very informed and supportive on the phone, and they have booklets, videos, etc. for sale. They have a school packet that your childs school can purchase and I think there is a promo now where it may be possible for the school to get it for free. Good luck.

Posted on: Fri, 04/13/2001 - 11:51am
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The Dey company (makers of EpiPens phone# 1-800-869-9005) just sent me Free trainer pens and an educational video ("Alexander The Elephant Who Couldn't Eat Peanuts") for children. The book "Caring For Your Child With Severe Food Allergies" by Lisa Cipriano Collins is a must. When on the PeanutAllergy.com home page, click onto "Books and other Products". You can order the book there (click where you see the "No Nuts For Me" book). Also, check out rilira's posting of her 504 plan. It's under Schools, the Topic is called "school meeting on Wednesday", dated March 27,2000. The Food Allergy Network had been very helpful, too. ([url]http://www.foodallergy.org[/url] phone: 1-800-929-4040) Our son will be starting Kindergarten next year too, so I can really relate to you! Good luck.
Peanut/Nut-free wishes,

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 9:44am
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raising for the newbies

Posted on: Wed, 01/22/2003 - 1:15am
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A neighbor of mine has an eight year old who attends school and is in the same class as a girl with severe Peanut allergy. There is a note that hangs outside of the door announcing to all the parents of the girl's allergy and the severity of it and to please help them keep her safe by keeping ALL peanut products out of the class in an effort to help save her life. It is working great according to my neighbor. You might contact the principal and teacher and try this approach. Good Luck!!! I dread when my little one starts school...nothing scarier!

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