Looking for article on \'quality of life\'


of peanut allergic children and families that is online. Anyone have a link to it? TIA Donna

On Apr 3, 1999

John Weisnagel, M.D. makes reference to the study about the quality of life of children with peanut allergy in his article at [url="http://www.allerg.qc.ca/peanutallergy.htm"]http://www.allerg.qc.ca/peanutallergy.htm[/url]

On Apr 6, 1999

A paper was presented at the AAAAI convention press conference in Orlando this spring on Quality of Life. It was a canadian study. I am sure you could obtain a copy by called the AAAAI, public relations or press dept. The AAAAI web page is [url="http://www.aaaai.org"]http://www.aaaai.org[/url] and will have some contact #s. The study stated the impact of PA was similar to rheumatic disorders on families w/ children, but not most adults.

Nice to hear that the research validates that this diagnosis has an impact. We all know it does, but research is powerful.

On Apr 6, 1999

Thanks! I think that's it.

On Aug 25, 2007