Looking for an allergist in the San Diego area

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This might be too much to hope for, but if any of you live in the San Diego area, do you know of a good allergist?

If no one knows anyone in particular, how do I check these places out before I go anywhere? It's so hard to tell.

On Aug 24, 2003

Hi! Our entire family goes to an Allergist in Encinitas near San Diego. He is also an nutritionist as well. He is very good. He has helped my mother in law through cancer 6 years cancer free and my daughter through severe allergies and myself through severe allergies and asthma. If you would like more information let me know I'll post the phone number and address for you. We have even had friends go to him when they thought they would just have to live with the allergies. They were amazed at the results and the told there friends and so on. Its worth a try. We have been blessed. Let me know if I can help in any way.

On Sep 21, 2003

If you need an allergist for a child, I recommend Children's Hospital in San Diego. they are very nice and have a nutritionist, pharmacist come right in the room to talk to you. They are a little difficult to get an appointment right now because they were short an allergist for a month or so. We ended up driving to their satelite office in Murrieta.