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Looking for a recipe for Italian pinulatta honey balls

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It was always a family thing to have pinulatta honey balls , a sicilian dessert but since my mom passed away 5 years ago I never seem to be able to make them the same. I thought I would see if anyone knows this recipe .. I hope so.. thanks Kathy Ann

On Dec 31, 2005

Hi Kathy Ann, We make what we call Struffella (sp?) They are Honey balls with sprinkles on top... I don't know if that is the same as your mothers recipe but i will post that recipe if that is what you mean... they are fried and dipped in honey with sprinkles on top..? Lori A Happy and SAFE New Year to everyone!

On Dec 31, 2005

Hi Lori, Yes thats it . thank you so much I am so excited that someone knew it. I miss having them and want to introduce them to my son .. thank you again Lori and HappyNew year! Kathy Ann

On Dec 31, 2005

Hi Kathy Ann... Yes they are the same thing...I called my Mother-in-law who is Calabrese and her family calls them Pinulattas. My family is from Northern Italy. My grandmother is 94 and we make these together every Christmas...Enjoy!!

Grandma Josie's Struffela 12 Eggs 2tsp Salt 2tsp Vanilla 2tsp Baking Powder 1tsp Whiskey (gram says it makes them crispy) 7 cups sifted flour Put all dry ingredients together in large bowl, make well in middle and add whiskey vanilla and eggs. Knead it all together and work it until smooth dough. Put in greased bowl cover and let sit for 30 minutes. Take small pieces at a time and roll it very thin (I use a pasta machine and run it through first on a medium thick setting and then again on medium thin and then again on thin) Then just cut into small pieces and roll into a ball. We cut them into 1 inch squares with ravioli cutter and make a slice in the middle and pull one end through to make a bow also. Heat Canola oil in a large deep sause pan 3-4" oil and put them into oil a few at a time they will hit the bottom and come right back up and float. Let them cook until golden (2min) and take out. After you are all done frying, take honey about 3 cups and about 3 tbl water and heat until foamy, when it foams put the Struffela in in small batches stir and take out and sprinkle the sprinkles on immidiatley to stick good. It is a lot of work but they are sooo good! Enjoy and Happy New Year!! PS..My email is in my profile...please send me a note to let me me know how the come out!

On Nov 27, 2006


On Dec 31, 2006

I am so sorry that I never replied back but I never got to make these due to a kidney stone and believe it or not I have it again only this time 3 of them but I had to make these.. I did and they are wonderful... Really brings back memories of my mom .. thank you so much , now my son can enjoy and continue the tradition I grew up with.. Everyone should definely give this a try. Kids love it.. thanks again and Happy New Year..Kathy Ann