Looking for a nut-free bakery in Massachusetts


Hi, I'm new to the board (although I've been dealing with my son's food allergies for a few years - he's 7) and I was wondering if anyone is aware of any peanut/nut free bakeries in Massachusetts (or even So. New Hampshire). Thanks.

On Oct 11, 2002

Sorry I don't have any nut-free bakeries to recommend, but I just thought I'd jump in to say welcome, and if you do hear of any nut-free bakeries, my 7 year old PA Massachusetts son would love to know about them, too!

Best wishes, Debbie

P.S. Where in MA are you?

On Oct 12, 2002


I'm in Tewksbury, where are you located?


On Oct 12, 2002

Bakeries are a place that I NEVER consider to be safe.

Is there such a thing as a nut free bakery?

On Oct 12, 2002

I've never been to one myself, but I've read about a few, can't remember where though.

On Oct 12, 2002

I am in Massachusetts too and have never heard of any. I did hear of one in Bar Harbor, Maine ( I know really far) but I am not sure of the name of it.

On Oct 13, 2002

Chris, I'm in Sudbury.


On Oct 15, 2002

Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing to have a nut-free bakery?!!!

Not that I would ever even consider Hostess a bakery, but I got a wonderful response (in writing) from them regarding their nut-free bakery facility in Biddeford, ME. This facility distributes throughout New England I believe. If the stamped code on the package starts with 087 it means it was produced in this facility. This is true of Wonder, Nissen, and Hostess products. When I am in a pinch and don't have time to bake, I buy my daughter Hostess cupcakes or donuts that have this code. We also sometimes use the hamburger and hot dog rolls and some of the other breads that have this stamp. Just be careful though because there are many products that do *not* have this code (such as Twinkies, etc.).

On Oct 16, 2002

I found a nut free bakery by accident this summer in Brookline. I don't remember the name, but it's a kosher bakery on Harvard street near Beacon. They told me that the baker there is allergic to nuts so they don't use them in anything.

On Oct 16, 2002


I'll be visiting Brookline this Thanksgiving. If you can remember the name, could you post it? My son would just be in ecstasy to walk into a bakery and order whatever he wanted!


On Oct 17, 2002

Thanks for the info. That would be great. I searched online and found 2 bakeries on Harvard Street not far from Beacon, Creative Pastries and Kupel's Bakery. There's also a Brueggers and a Dunkin's, but I wouldn't really call them bakeries. I'll call both of them to see, but if one of them rings a bell, write back. Chris

On Oct 17, 2002

Please post the name of the Brookline bakery with the allergic baker I will be soooo happy. I have an aunt that lives near those streets.If this pans out we will make that place very BUSY!!

On Oct 17, 2002

Yes, please print the name of the bakery. My brother lives there so I, too, will keep that bakery very busy!

On Oct 17, 2002

Count me in too!!! If you can't remember the name, when I get a chance I'll just go down the list in the phonebook and keep calling until I find it! This would be so wonderful for my daughter and we don't live very far away from Brookline.

On Oct 19, 2002

I still can't remember the name of the bakery, but I'm fairly certain that it had opened recently when I was there in August so you may not find it in the phonebook.

On Oct 20, 2002

I actually called the 2 bakeries listed the internet "yellow pages" and neither one was it, but another internet search showed about 5 kosher bakeries on Harvard Street. I'll check those when I can.

On Oct 25, 2002

OH goodness...If we can find this place I will frequent it sooooooooooooo often!!! How exciting for DS to have something cooked by someone other than me!!!

On Oct 25, 2002

Please do let us know if you figure out which bakery it is. My inlaws live not too far from there, and it'd be wonderful if they could pick up some nut-free goodies for dessert on Thanksgiving.


On Oct 28, 2002

Okay, I may have a lead on the nut-free bakery in Brookline, MA.

Since my mother-in-law lives not far from Brookline, I asked her if she knew about it, and she didn't, but she made some phone calls. She found what she thinks is the bakery, and called me with the info. Unfortunately, she left the message with my 5 year old, and the piece of paper on which he wrote the message seems to have disappeared. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img]

What I do know is that the place is called "Pastry Land", and that it is on the right street in Brookline. I looked up the number on the internet and got 617-278-2400 (I have no idea if this is the same number my m-i-l gave my son), but I haven't called them yet to find out if this is really the right place. I'm swamped for the next couple of days, so won't be able to call just yet.

If anyone else has time to call to confirm that they're totally nut/peanut free, please post here with the results, and I'll do the same as soon as I get to call.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this works out? We could stock our freezers with a few months supply of nut safe goodies...


On Oct 28, 2002


On Oct 28, 2002

That's great! I can't wait to check it out! Thanks for calling.

On Oct 28, 2002

Ooh baby, baby! We'll be there next month. I'm assuming if they are kosher there's a good chance they will be closed on Saturday, so we'll have to get there the day following Thanksgiving. Oh please, please don't be taking a long holiday weekend - I'm planning on driving back to New York with a car full of safe goodies!


On Oct 28, 2002

Here is the detailed info that I just got from the phonebook:

Pastry Land N More 417 Harvard Street Brookline, MA 02446 617-278-2400 I plan on going this weekend, I'll let you all know how it goes!! Thanks for the info, I am so excited!!

On Oct 28, 2002

Thank you so much for getting the name of this place!!! It sounds too good to be true, but I really hope it *is* true. Can't wait to hear from someone who goes there. I live about 30 minutes away, but it will definitely be worth the trip.

On Oct 29, 2002

I just called Pastry Land and it was confirmed NO NUTS!!! YIPEE!!!

On Nov 2, 2002

I stopped by Pastry Land the other day. We bought a pastry filled with chocolate pudding which my daughter reports was very good.

We also bought a chocolate cake. The icing was very good (almost like fudge). Being dairy free, the cake was not what you would normally expect. It is more like a European torte than your standard American cake. I don't think it would appeal to most young children.

We would go there again if we were in the area, but I think we would stay with the pastry and the cookies.

On Nov 2, 2002

I went to Pastryland the other day. I tasted a couple of the cookies which were good and my sons had the cinnamon buns which they loved! I don't like the idea of eating something w/o being able to read the ingredients, so I am not totally comfortable with the bakery idea...would've felt better if I had been able to chat with the baker, I guess. Nevertheless, I trusted that the baker would not be handling and eating this stuff if it was dangerous for him. The woman behind the counter assured me that he wouldn't be able to...

On Nov 10, 2002

When visiting Pastryland did any of you notice any egg-free items? SInce my DS also has an egg allergy.

On Nov 20, 2002

What great news. I will deinitely be visiting there this week. Thanks to all of you who researched it for the rest of us.

On Nov 25, 2002

Wow, what a godsend! Just ordered our Thanksgiving pumpkin and apple pies from this place, over the phone. Bought 2 boxes of coffee rolls, too, 6 to a box. DH will drive in on Wednesday to pick these up, 1 1/2 hrs round trip. Normally, I bake, but this is the first nutfree holiday for us, diagnosed last January, and I am hosting at least 16 adults plus kids. I'll have enough to do. Plus I have a dentist appt on Wed. afternoon, (I have a cavity!) Now to find extra chairs........ Thanks so much for finding this place!!!!!!!

------------------ Neil's Mom

On Dec 20, 2002

Just wanted to give a quick but tardy report on our Pastry Land experience from Thanksgiving: Apple Pie, cookies, pumpkin pie, bagels, my husband picked them up after we ordered by phone. The woman I spoke with confirmed no nuts, said the same to DH in the store. He leaves, goes back in, speaks to the baker, who confirms no nuts. My son tasted everything and had no reactions to anything. We are happy but still cautious. Will be going back for more, but I will feel better if I go too, next time, to meet this mystery nut allergic baker face to face, and grill him some more. Must be a mom thing, even though I dearly trust my husband. (He Gets it!!! Yeah!!) The baked goods were tasty, and not overly sweet. Pies were more like tarts, and smallish. It sure was odd to eat sticky buns made without nuts, I kept looking for them to see if they would appear!!!!! This was way out on the edge for us, comfort wise!

------------------ Neil's Mom

On Dec 31, 2002

I went there this past Sunday and the place is awesome! I took DS with me and he was able to pick out a half moon from the case and eat it right away. The lady said she can't believe how many peanut/tree nut allergic people come in there. To RobinLP, she did ask me what other allergies are in my family besides peanut and tree nuts. I said my sister-in-law is allergic to eggs so she pointed out some egg-free pastries for us to buy. All of the pasteries were delicious! She said they will make birthday cakes, too. She just needs 2 days notice. A little tip, though, I originally went a week ago Saturday and because that is their sabbath, they are closed. In fact, all of the bakeries in that section of Brookline are closed on Saturdays.

On Jan 7, 2003

Wow! I took my DS to Pastry Land today after his allergist appt. in Boston. Met the infamous and apparently mysterious baker, who was so nice. He announced when we came in that everything was nut-free. I asked him about that, and he offered that he had a nut allergy, and when I said my DS did too, he said - oh did you hear about us on the internet? Too funny. I guess lots of us are stopping in and maybe he'll make tons of money, and safe little bakeries will spring up all over!! It was so fun to see my DS picking out whatever he wanted and enjoying himself with abandon. Simple pleasures, I guess!! Anway, I'm so glad to have found out about this place. Yippee.

On Jan 20, 2003

Had DS's birthday cake this past weekend from Pastry Land N More and it was delicous! It had a chocolate gnash coating with a mousse in the middle. They close at 2:00 on Fridays. Good thing DH works in Back Bay so he could swing by before they closed.

On Jan 20, 2003

Heather2 -- I started crying out of happiness when I read that your child was able to pick out a "half moon" cookie and eat it. One thing I have not been able to let go of is my sadness that DS could never have a half moon cookie from a bakery -- I have wonderful associations of my grandmother coming to visit with a white box with red and white string with delicious half moon cookies in them -- and I thought DS would never be able to have one (unless I made them). I'm so happy to hear of this place -- next time we drive into Boston (about 1 1/2 hours from us) we'll just have to go.

On Jan 22, 2003

My aunt has Dr. appts.(bad arthritis and has the IV remecaid treatmnts which take a long time) over there all the time and her twin waits around. I might mention this place to them and ask them to go(or my aunt who is waiting) and check it out. I need to wait for better weather. Is there decent parking there? I do not want to mention it if it might stress them out parking and finding it. But if it is pretty easy to spot and go to, they are in the area there at least once a month!

They would be so delighted to find a special treat for dd that I approve. They are well known in carrying over my Grandmother's tradition of giving sweets to the children and I am so strict about it!

Another thought. I saw a thread on this nut free ice cream place Chris wants to start. I saw a post that it might be in Massachusetts? Maybe this baker might want to market some items there for the PA community? He could really grow his business, if he wants, such as shipping pastries as well. becca

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On Jan 22, 2003

becca, PastryLand is at 417 Harvard St. I don't know Brookline very well, but since it is one of the main streets there, we found it pretty easily. We were there in the late morning on a weekday, and there were no spaces on the street in front, but we turned the corner and found a close spot on a side street. There's also a parking lot behind the shops which I think is next to a bank - possibly could be used by other shoppers, but I can't be sure. It seemed to me that parking was not a big deal, not like the North End. Maybe others had the same experience? - Hope it works out for you and your aunts.

On Feb 27, 2003

Raising for a new memeber asking about wedding cakes. becca

On Apr 27, 2003

Wow....I work near Broolkline so I will have to check this out. My daughter is also allergic to soy...anyone else check out soyfree goods there? Thanks

On Aug 18, 2003

Ate there on Friday. Man, I just love that place! Just wanted to point out that they have a nice little brunch menu for Sundays.

On Aug 25, 2003

We made a stop there two weeks ago on our way to Maine for vacation. My daughter was in heaven to be able to choose anything she wanted and eat it right there!

On Oct 21, 2003

I just made a quickie trip to Brookline, and went to Pastryland. While their selection was limited, we were very happy with what we got - a box of assorted Rugelach and Bowties. They were delicious. Now, if they would just start a mail-order business... because 4 1/2 hours is a bit much to drive to get to a bakery! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]


On Feb 13, 2004

Is this bakery still nutfree? Anyone have new information or visited since last post? TIA! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Feb 13, 2004

Was reraising for Chris and saw the newest link:


On Feb 14, 2004

We haven't been there in about 6 months, but the baker is allergic to peanuts and nuts, so it must still be peanut/nut free.

On Feb 17, 2004

we were there last week, spoke to the baker and it is still safe.

By Saras Sweets on Mar 5, 2012


I am the owner of a residential bakery in Uxbridge, MA. I live in a nut free environment. My daughter is allergic to peanuts and all tree nuts. I bake custom cakes and cupcakes. I list all ingredients and are more than welcome to speak with me to set your mind at ease. I also have gluten free products and a delicious chocolate dairy free/vegan chocolate cake/cupcakes. Please visit me www.sarassweets.com and on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Saras-Sweets/144676625569457

Thank you!


By dms96681 on Apr 13, 2012

We're Not Nuts In hanover ,ma. is a awesome homebased licensed residental kitchen nut free bakery!! They are on FB and their website is www.werenotnutsbakery.com

By gigiboo on Jul 18, 2012

A nut- free bakery is opening up in Lynnfield, Ma. It is called Jeanne's Bakeshop. There are no nuts on the premises and does not use products that may contain nuts. The owners son has a severe nut allergy and they take allergies very seriously. It opens there in August. If you have any questions call the owner 508-662-8925

By kanikaprashant@gmail.com on Feb 6, 2013

cakes4occasions in danvers. have been buying all birthday cakes from there.

By Superluigi6 on Sep 20, 2014

Hi there,

I'm aware that this hasn't been posted to in a while but I had to add my 2 cents.

Blue Ribbon Cake Salem MA. This is a nut free bakery, and does cakes and cupcakes. This is my fav. bakery, and it tastes like real frosting and not generic/fake. And, if you get some frosting on your pants it doesn't stain!

Cakes for Occasions Danvers MA. I don't like this one, the frosting tastes generic.

Jeanne's Bake Shop Lynnfield MA closed unfortunately.