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Posted on: Fri, 03/17/2006 - 9:00am
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We started our 2.75 year old on cingulair, he's been on it for nine months.
IT PROBABLY SAVED HIS LIFE. I was very leary of it the listed potential side effects are scarey. I have an adult friend who has tried cingulair twice and has immediate side effects, its a no go for her. Our son is on cingulair, zirtec, and zantac, and last night for the first time he ate a hamburger on a bun. A MAJOR MILESTONE, because he suffers from allergic esophagitis when the allergys are not kept at bay. to the point, I don't think our child can live and thrive without cingulair.

Posted on: Fri, 03/17/2006 - 1:32pm
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We used Elidel. Not alot, because it didn't seem to really help dd's eczema. Then she was put on Singulair, and it completely cleared her eczema. She would crack and bleed at her wrists and ankles. She's got scars from before it was controlled. Singulair has been the only thing that truly did the trick. It also helps her environmental allergies, much better than any antihistamine ever did. She is not so congested when she takes it. She's been on it for 2 years now.
Can you tell I'm a fan? [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
Lori Jo,
Rose, 7-31-02, PA
Beatrice & Georgia, 8-14-99

Posted on: Fri, 03/17/2006 - 10:22pm
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One side effect of Singulair is ear infections. I'm starting to wonder if that isn't why my 8 year old is still having so many.

Posted on: Sat, 03/18/2006 - 5:03am
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DD has been on Singular for 4 years. Am I afraid of side systemic effects? Absolutely. But TWO independent allergists (different offices) told me that with her history (5 hospitialization due to unresponsive asthma attacks, bronchitis, & phenomnia) that the damage to her lung was what was going to get her, not the PA. Even though she's had airborne and biphasic reactions, they said PA was second to her asthma. We take her off Singular every chance we get but once she begins wheezing, all her doctors insist on Singular.
What do I do? Who do I believe? With the exception of singular, we do not take meds until it is a last resort. None of us even take tylenol for headaches. I'll make them a cup of tea and generally a warm compress, a cup of caffeine and some quiet time do it. Just pointing out that I'm extremely leary of meds...especially new ones like Singular.



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