London, chaps?

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Alright so, i am taking a trip to London, England with my school soon and was wondering if anyone has any tips or remarks as to things and places i should avoid. I have been told that London is one of the lesser users of peanuts but just want to ensure that i wont have any problems. I know as far as my itenary goes were going to the Hard Rock cafe so if anyone has any info on that it would be great.


By JacobT09 on Oct 11, 2010

Hi Kristen,

No idea about the Hard Rock Cafe, but I've lived quite a few years in the UK. In general you're alright in London as long as you use common sense, same as any other country, check the labels on packaged foods.

If you're going to go for the traditional Fish and Chips, be very careful, ask the folks working in the shop, and in most cases if you ask, they'll go and get the oil containers for *you* to check.

Now one fast food place I've found to be quite good across the UK is Kebab Shops. They're usually Halal meats, and in most cases they're Peanut Free, and don't mind you asking, plus they're food is usually damn good!

Good luck! -Jacob