Locust Bean Gum (food additive)


hi all, my daughter is 7 and has had severe PA since she was 14 months old. We are extrememly dilligent about reading food labels and she has not had an anaphylactic reaction since her first being diagnosed.

She had a Kroger brand ice cream that was an 'ice cream tree' from Christmas at my moms a few days ago.

She immediately started breaking out in red splotches.

The suspect ingredient was Locust Bean Gum (a legume, just like a peanut).

My mother gave her 2 childrens Benadryl and we called the pediatrician. She said to monitor her for 4 hours, any difficulty breathing, tounge swelling, ect, call 911.

I'm getting ready to research the heck out of this.

Just wanted to let you all be aware.

By hollya on Jan 14, 2010


I noticed that a while back in something that our son had. I thought about it for a minute…..however, I didn’t know it was related to peanuts. Just FYI I am very leery of ice creams from what I have heard on the boards. We have had Byers a few times, but not much. We usually do cool whip…and thank goodness our son is still really too young to know the difference. Please let us know what you kind out.