local SPCA asks for donations of peanut butter


in Wednesdays newspaper i found the following in our local part of the paper. SPCA seeks donations of toys for dogs. this title was innocent enough until you got to the list of what they want here is the list; tennis balls, rawhides, chewies, "kongs and peanut butter. I called curious to find out why they needed peanut butter of all things. left a message that was later returned while I was out. their message stated it was to go inside the kong toys to entice the doags to play with the toy. I thought about it and tried all day to get the lady in charge of this. She was very understanding and said she would bring it up with the handlers that there could be a potential problem should an allergic person visit the SPCA. she even pointed out that it gets on the dogs fur. And said she would suggest finding another enticer and donating the peanut butter to the local food bank.

On Jun 27, 2001

We used a spreadable cheese product instead (Cheese Whiz).

On Jun 27, 2001

We use cream cheese in the kong.

If you go to a pet store, there are peanut butter bones, and all kinds of PB treats. We are in an obedience class for our dog, and asked the folks to avoid PB treats for the dogs.