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PALO ALTO -- An elementary school on the Peninsula is joining a growing list of schools across the country discouraging children from swapping or sharing their lunch because potentially life-threatening food allergies. Peanut butter is the main concern. About a half a dozen of the 336 students at Herbert Hoover Elementary School in Palo Alto are allergic to peanuts and peanut-based products. It's an allergy that can cause everything from a rash -- to death.

Peant butter and jelly sandwiches are no longer served in the school cafeteria. There's even a peanut-free table for sensitive students.

Allergist Steven Rubinstein says his peanut-allergic client-base has quadrupled in the last two years. He says it may be because of how peanuts are roasted, but there are other theories.

Hoover Elementary has gotten so proactive that everyone from teachers to custodians are trained to administer ephenephrine injections on a child that has an allergic reaction.

[url="http://www.ktvu.com"]www.ktvu.com[/url] has the original article. I was really impressed!


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