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Posted on: Wed, 05/26/1999 - 2:46am
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Any substance in existance can cause anaphylaxis in an individual who is susceptible, but you are right in that the most common triggers are peanut, shellfish, bee stings etc. Recently, a child in our area died from accidental ingestion of milk. You never hear much about milk causing this type of reaction. It is hard to say if the egg will cause this. It would certainly be rare but not impossible. My son is allergic to both egg and egg white. He has never eaten an egg straight up, but has had items like mayonnaise, cake, etc. that contained egg and he never had a reaction. Just depends on one's sensitivity. My allergist explained that during cooking an egg's proteins are throughly broken down so that MOST egg allergic people can tolerate egg once it has been mixed/cooked with another product. The more natural state the egg is in the more protein that is available for a reaction. For instance, a scrambled egg would have more chance of causing a reaction than say a pancake, whereas the pancake would be worse than a cookie, and so on. My allergist has discussed doing egg challenges once my son is around 7 years of age to see what forms he can tolerate. Peanut on the other hand, contains very stable proteins (as do shellfish). Cooking does very little to break these proteins down--this is why almost no peanut in any form can be tolerated.



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