Hi everyone, I am a teenage girl and I have a severe

Posted on: Sat, 04/11/2015 - 8:19pm
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Hi everyone, I am a teenage girl and I have a severe peanut/tree nut allergy. When I was around four years old I was playing with a bowl of peanuts and at the time it was unknown that I had the allergy. My face began to swell, I broke out in hives and my skin was flushed. I was given an anti-histamine and the swelling went down but I then went to the doctor who sent me on for further tests etc. I was told I had a nut allergy and was prescribed some Epipens. Throughout my childhood I ate chocolate bars that said may contain nuts etc but I never ate an actually treenut and never once had a reaction from the time I was diagnosed with the allergy up until May of 2014. I rarely brought my Epipen with me because both myself and my parents were convinced that I had grown out of it. One day my mother decided to take me for testing and little did I know my levels where quite high. From then on I carried my epipens with me everywhere but I still didn't take it serious enough until May 2014. I was sitting in class one day when my lips began to swell out of no where. I could see no one eating nuts and to this day I have no idea what caused it. I took an anti-histamine and luckily it went down but the same thing happened about four times over the next week. It scared me a lot because I didn't expect it considering I had never had a reaction in the ten years that I had the allergy.I have never gone into anaphylaxis and I count myself very lucky.
Now that I'm getting older I have noticed that people in my school like to bring nuts for lunch etc and this makes me really anxious. I have suffered from really bad anxiety in the past because of this allergy. When I go to school I am constantly afraid that people are going to eat nuts around me etc. I once had people throw nuts at me and it terrified me. Unfortunately only some of my close friends understand the seriousness of my allergy as for the others, they don't understand at all. This allergy will stop me from getting jobs in the future such as waitressing, food factories etc. I also get very anxious when I have to travel through airlines. Usually the airline I travel with are very good with making sure there are no peanuts on the aircraft but there is always that worry in the back of my mind. This allergy has put a huge strain on my life, My friends don't have allergies so they can eat, go and do whatever they like and it is upsetting sometimes. I may sound a little bit over dramatic to some people. I know there is much worse things that could happen to me.
I think that there should be more attention drawn to allergies in schools. In my school no body really understands how serious they are.
Thanks for reading.

Posted on: Sun, 04/12/2015 - 10:31pm
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I'm a mom to someone with peanut allergy and egg allergy. I just read your post and I just wanted to say stay strong! When you feel your anxiety flaring, take a break and do some deep breathing to let your brain know you want to remain calm.
Maybe your parents could get an appointment for you with someone who can help you manage your concerns. Many, many people feel the same way you do and there are lots of people trained to help. Even talking to a guidance counselor at school could be a big help. Don't be afraid to ask someone else help you to get control of your anxious feelings.
You are right, there are just some things that won't be advisable for a person with food allergies, but there are many, many things that you CAN do, just like everyone else. Stay strong, don't be discouraged, and try to find someone who can help you feel confident with your allergies. Start with mom or dad, or a school counselor or even a teacher.
Good luck to you--I just said a prayer for you ????. Hopefully the springtime has begun wherever you live--get out there and enjoy your day!
An allergy mom

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