Contamination - true or false?

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What are the chances of having a reaction to something in public, say a pole on a bus or a item in a store? After researching on the internet and asking around I've never got a firm answer. Not all peanut allergy sufferers can not touch anything in public right?

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Our Answer:
Thank you for reaching out to our community! This is a common concern among peanut allergic people, and certainly a valid question.
One member is worried about the contact reaction risks in public places - you can see our answer to her post here.
Trace amounts of peanut can cause an allergic reaction for allergic people. Casual contact with peanuts, such as touching peanuts, is less likely to trigger a severe reaction, though this is risk for people with severe allergies.
Casual contact becomes a concern if the area that comes into contact with peanuts then comes into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth. For example, a child with peanut allergy may react after she touches a restaurant table cloth with peanut butter residue, and then rubs her eyes.
In addition to contact reactions, some people will even react to particles of peanuts they’ve breathed in, which is called an airborne reaction. Read more about airborne reactions here. This is one reason why many families of severely peanut allergic people choose to completely eliminate peanuts and peanut products from their home environments.
To avoid contact reactions, cleaning is crucial and you should always have sanitary wipes on hand in any public place. Be cautious of your surroundings and types of places that have increased risk of contact contamination, such as Asian, Mexican, and African restaurants.
Remember not to make contact with your face when you are in public places before you’ve sufficiently washed your hands, and make sure others have clean hands when they are sharing items with you. If you are a younger allergic person in school, we have some great tips for reducing your risks specifically in an academic and social environment here.
For adults in the work force, the risks are different because the environment is different. The people around you can be educated on how to help you avoid contamination. There are some great tips for reducing your risk of contact reactions at work here.
We also asked our Facebook community what they think about your question, and you can see their responses here.
We hope you find this information helpful in avoiding contact reactions in your everyday life. Take care!

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