Living With Peanut Allergies

Posted on: Fri, 12/17/1999 - 9:50am
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I was diagnosed with a severe peanut/nut allergy at 18 mos. I am now almost 23 years old, and have only had one reaction since then. I have felt like I'm the only person on the planet with this problem, but coming to this site makes me feel a lot more informed and relieved. Living with the strange looks one gets when questioning whether a plain cheese pizza or a bowl of chili contains peanuts in a restaurant. Every new place I visit seems like a new battle with the uninformed. I am fortunate enough to have a husband who has sworn off all nut products. The funny thing is the older I get the more and more things I seem sensitive to. I used to eat roasted soybeans when I was younger, but those cause swelling in my mouth now. I am also sensitive to melons, bananas, uncooked tomatoes, and meat products containing soy...the list just goes on and on. Basically, I am not a vegetarian in the slightest! I'm a meat and potatoes type of gal...that's for sure. I have found ways that work for me in terms of cooking, et cetera but it hasn't been easy. Well, to make the long story even longer, I am willing to share any answers/information that I can attempt to provide to those questions looming out there....because I know I am going to be asking all of you a lot of questions. I am ready to get an allergy panel done so I can finally know for certain how allergic I am to all these foods! Anyways, stay safe...I know how it is to be a kid/teenager/young adult growing up with the whole pa thing.

Posted on: Sun, 12/19/1999 - 6:55am
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Hi! and welcome! I just turned on to this site too and feel very connected to all of those who understand my fears and other feelings and concerns with raising my PA daughter.How difficult was it for you to go to school? People seem so clueless NOW! I can't imagine what it was like for you and your parents when you were little.

Posted on: Sun, 12/19/1999 - 8:49am
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Hi pagirl22 & welcome! I am glad I read your post & am wondering what it was like for you in school w/peanut allergies & how your friends treated &/or reacted to you. My son is PA & 4 1/2 starting school next year & I am trying to get all info I can to make it easier for him & especially for it to be as normal growing up for him as it can w/PA for him. Thanks for your insight and any tips for a parent to know.
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Posted on: Mon, 12/20/1999 - 8:38am
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Hi pagirl and everyone,
My son is 2 1/2, and I really can't believe that life has to be so crazy, people have to be so vigilant. If a candy company says they clean belts between runs of candymaking, etc., why isn't that good enough? Have people really had reactions from this sort of thing? I hope you can help us parents of little ones, since you've had the allergy for so long.
I love this board and am a frequent lurker, but i think that some of the respondents are overly frightened. I mean, the kids have to grow up and leave the house sometime. I mean no disrespect, I'm just trying to learn.

Posted on: Mon, 12/20/1999 - 10:25pm
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I sometimes feel like you do--how vigilant must we be? And what I have learned is that it really boils down to personal choice on the risks we take. Common sense tells me that if a company says they clean thoroughly between candy runs, then this should be enough. However, even that particular company will not guarantee 100% that the candy is safe. Maybe there is a 1 in 1 million chance that there is a trace left and that trace ends up in the candy of someone who is highly sensitive. For me personally, I try to weigh the risks. Nothing is 100% in this world. If the chances are 1 in 1 million, I will probably give it to my son. If it seems more like 1 in 10 (like with M&Ms) then there is no way that I will give it. I use many products that others won't. I use Breyer's ice cream (they run their vanilla first and on different days then nut products). I use Hershey bars and chips (they don't run them in the same area or lines as nut products). But there are other parents who are much more cautious than I am. They will not use any product that is even made by a company that uses nuts. That is their choice for risk management. I think everyone has to find some level with this allergy that they are comfortable with.

Posted on: Tue, 12/21/1999 - 3:32am
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Conmom & Christine:
I am so glad to read your posts and agree on the same line with you. Don't get me wrong, this website has been extremely helpful, however, I felt like I wasn't as extreme as I should be (comparing to other posts by parents) as it can be overly frightning. I try very hard to learn and read as much as I can to keep by son safe as it is life threatning to him. Some of the people who have lived with this allergy for a long time have indicated it has just been the past few years where peanut products keep turning up in more and more products so I do weigh the risks, otherwise it could be only a few things my son could eat and I feel like I am constantly scaring my son about staying safe instead of educating him properly about it. As much as this is a huge lifestyle I still want by son to have a 'normal' childhood.
Happy Holidays!

Posted on: Tue, 12/21/1999 - 12:54pm
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Thanks for your replies. Happy holidays!

Posted on: Thu, 02/03/2000 - 12:46pm
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Dear PAGIRL22,
I find it encouraging to see your age and you are fine and healty. My son is only eight years old and this is my first time reading this site. This site is helpful and yet I find it upsetting as I find more things to worry about. As for eating out, e don't very often but when we do, I ask to speak to the head chef and never a waitress. When my son get older and goes to places without us I will probably make him a restaurant card. This card will have all the info on it as if I was talking to the chef. This card will make Michael more comfortable. Take care


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