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Thought some of you might know something about this.. since many of you have done alot of research on allergies. My son is allergic to peanuts and milk. He is 5 1/2. He hasnt had a reaction to peanuts since he was 18 months (and that could have been milk).. even though he bit into a choc bar with peanuts once. Other than that time he hasnt had any accidental exposures that we know of. We are very careful. At 4, he was given a skin test and came back 4+ for peanuts, milk and cats. He still reacts to milk, itchy tongue and throat, on the occasions he has had accidental exposures. Anyway, my question has to do with cats. He has never had a reaction. We have friends with them, he pets them, plays at their house, never a problem. my husband wants to get one and i am worried about it. I dont want to compremize his immune system but since he has never had a reaction, wonder if it could be a false positive. or would it just show up after getting a cat and having it for a while. I worry that if we borrowed on to see if he would be ok and he wasnt then would he start having reactions when we visit people. I dont even know if that makes sence. ANy experience with this? Thanks

On Nov 12, 2008

The first time I got a cat I was 5 years old. My eyes apparently swelled up like golf balls that first night, and ever since then I've been just fine (except when I am pregnant, like I am now, and sneeze all day long). I've enjoyed the company of kitties for nearly 30 years now.

My daughter also tested blood positive to cats. We have two, and have never noticed any problem.

Hope that helps a little!