Listing of Clinical Trials


This site lists all clinical trials by medical condition and location. I didn't see any pa but lots of allergy and asthma.


On Jul 28, 2004

Try this site.


Here you will find the trial using Xolair for peanut allergy.

On Jul 30, 2004

I just checked out the xolair study and Chloe is excluded from the one for PA bcause of her asthma and excluded from the one for asthma because of her PA.

Maybe someone should do one for kids with ashtma AND PA

On Jul 30, 2004

I have such mixed feeling about this I think that my daughter will be eligable for the study (I am not a 100% sure, from what I've read)I think that you guys are the only people that Understand How I feel. I want to be in the study to hopefully benefit form the drug. On the other hand I am soooo afriad something terrible happen during the oral challenge.What do you guys think????

On Jul 30, 2004

We were in a clinical study for Elidel Pre-FDA approval. We had very little problem with our pros/cons of this --

However, we've discussed here, a peanut allergy clinical trial, and would you let your PA child be a part of a study which he/she needs to ingest peanut products to see what type of reaction --

I'd pass on the latter trial...


On Jul 30, 2004

In my dd case NO I would not do it!! Good afternoon Jason! Love this site Synthia