List of safe Utz foods - Peanut Allergy Information

List of safe Utz foods

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After I found out that Snyder's pretzels and popcorn are made in PB facilities or equipment that handles nuts, I was THRILLED to see this! (skip their peanut oil thing I don't want to touch that mess;) Their chips and popcorn are really good and available on Amazon if they aren't in your area.

The following is a list of product categories that would be free of any type of peanut protein:

All of our cottonseed oil fried potato chips Grandma Utz Kettle Potato Chips All of our tortilla and corn chips both unflavored and flavored All of our popcorn products All of our baked cheese curls, fried cheese curls, baked cheese balls All of our pretzel products

Please continue to carefully read the ingredient statements on food labels. Food safety is a high priority for us. We strive for full ingredient disclosure on all our food product packages, including the presence of all the major food allergens.