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My little 2 yr old niece is allergic to peanuts. I'm trying to find a simple list that says what has/does not have peanuts. So many things I wouldn't think of have peanuts. Does anyone have a list? I do realize even with a list we need to double check but this would be a good start. Thanks

On Mar 12, 2002


Don't go by lists because a Manufacturer that make a safe product one week may label "may contain" the next.

I don't ever go by safe lists, I check labels everytime I go to the store, and call the company to make sure.

On Mar 12, 2002

FYI - regular M&M's have crushed peanuts in the hard shell. We all use Canadian or UK Smarties instead - same thing just peanut free.

On Mar 12, 2002


Heather2 raises a Good Point because M&M's plain, are made in a factory where they make the same ones with peanut.

You have to be so careful, don't give anything to your neice that you haven't checked out with their Mother or Father.

Check Manufacturer's Safe/ UnSafe section and start reading what really to avoid.

On Mar 12, 2002

Thanks for the tip on the M&Ms. Pls let me know if you think of any other items that aren't obvious. Thanks again

On Mar 12, 2002

You are a very caring Aunt to want to find out what is safe for your niece, but it is hard to come up with a list of safe foods. It is easier to say what definitely to avoid. I would suggest never giving your niece cookies made in a bakery, and also stay away from oriental foods because of the high risk of cross-contamination. We don't give our PA daughter anything with any kind of nuts because there is a risk of cross-contamination. My sister has instructed her family that at her house that jelly must always go on the bread first, so that if her kids make a PB&J, then there will never be PB residue in the jelly. She does this on the off chance that if my daughter is ever over, she can safely have jelly if she wants. If you have a specific food that you wonder if it is safe, perform a search on this website, or as someone suggested, call the manufacturer.

On Mar 13, 2002

There is a running discussion on this board re: hidden or unusual places where peanut is found that would be helpful. Also consider looking into one of the recommended books on the topic. Not only is the ingredient itself a danger to a peanut allergic child, but foods that are "cross-contaminated" can also pose a hazard. I think most of us avoid many processed ice creams and ice cream parlors, baked goods from a bakery and most chocolates because these foods can come into contact with peanuts either during or after processing. It can get pretty complicated if your goal is zero tolerance for exposure. Also check the Manufacturer and Restaurants sections on the board for some insight.

On Mar 21, 2002

Where do you get the Canadian or UK smarties? IS this a chocolate candy?


On Mar 21, 2002

Hi Momomom,

In the USA Smarties are small round colourful candies that are a bit sour.

However, in the rest of the world, Smarties are made by Nestle and they are a milk chocolate centre coated in a colourful candy shell (and peanut/nut-free!).

If you want to buy Smarties in the UK or Canada, it is quite easy as you can go to any store. Nestle USA does not make Smarties however, so if you are in the USA, the only way to get UK or Canadian Smarties is to take a vacation to Canada or the UK, or to order these products through the mail.

If you go to the "Main Discussion Board" thread, you will see the following topic - I have raised the thread for you:

"You can order nut-free Canadian chocolate from the USA!! (ie: Smarties, etc)"

This topic will give you all the details how to order Smarties from the USA. From this website you can also order nut-free CAnadian Kit Kat, Aero and Coffee Crisp.


On Mar 21, 2002

Check out the board on here entitled "Peanut Free Businesses."

I suggest using this as a starting point and then calling these companies yourself to double check. Many of us have done lots of research and found products that we feel safe and are comfortable with, so we often post to share the info with others.

Hope this helps! Good Luck! [img][/img]

I ALWAYS read labels each and every time I purchase a product!

You can also do a search on here for "lists" and will find many threads with this type of info. Some of the products within my comfort zone are:


On Mar 21, 2002

Thanks - this is awesome!