List of helpfull PA aware allergists


Perhaps we can start a list of helpfull PA MDs. My daughter went to an alergist in Oakland, CA who was clueless. I asked for a letter to present to the airlines verifing my daughter allergy so they wouldn't serve peanuts. He wrote a letter stating: "this child should not eat peanuts."

On Sep 17, 2000

Hi MGHTYMATT, I sent you an e-mail, let me know if you got it.

On Aug 30, 2001

If anyone knows of someone good in the Orange County area of California would you let me know please.

On Aug 30, 2001

Dr. Susan Rudd Wynn in Ft. Worth, Texas!! =)Pediatric Allergist.

VERY PA aware! =) I have NO problems getting extra Epipens for whatever reason, she'll help you with the school situation, the whole nine-yards. Didn't give us a lot of info on actually LIVING w/ PA, but did recommend joining FAAN (so that's a start), and seemed to know of this site, at least (so maybe if we had come in totally unknowing, she would have given us more info and resources???). She specializes in "Anaphylaxis and Public Education" (about anaphylaxis, I believe...)

Only problem I've had with her so far is the fact that she doesn't feel the RAST testing is accurate enough to go ahead with. I was hoping to track the kids IgE levels to the biggies...milk, egg, and peanuts.

On Sep 2, 2001

I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Ramakrishnan, and allergist in Easton, PA. He was extremely helpful in getting me started with this after diagnosis and conveying the message of how serious this allergy is. He's very personable too--very easy to talk to.

On Oct 12, 2001

Dr Renee Lantner in LaGrange,Illinois is fabulous. She did an in-service presentation for the faculty at my son's school which totally turned everyone's attitude around. (an in-service was part of the 504 plan the district agreed to for us)

On Oct 12, 2001

Hi Dr. Raymond Khoudory in Kingston, Pennsylvania is also a pediatric allergist. He is very much aware of peanut allegies and is concerned about his patients. He has been our allergist since Drew was 2.

best wishes, renee [img][/img]

On Oct 15, 2001

Dr. Robert Wood in Baltimore--one of the leading PA researchers and PA himself. My appt with him was short but only because I ran out of questions. He knows his stuff and before I left he asked me if I needed any additional epi prescriptions (I already had what I needed from previous allergist and pediatrician.)

On Oct 29, 2001

Dr. Martha Tarpay in Oklahoma City, Ok. is an excellent specialist. She demands strict avoidance, provides tons of literature, will back you in any fights, gives you all the meds you need and tracks IgE levels anually.

Our pediatrician and his group have also been very helpful, Dr. Kelly Stephens.

On Oct 29, 2001

Dr. Eliott Ginchansky in Dallas, TX is outstanding also. He is very thorough and professional. He treats our whole family for various other allergies and asthma. He gets 5 stars in my book.

On Nov 23, 2001

Mghty Matt - I am in the S.F. Bay Area also. We, too, had a similar problem with my son's allergist when requesting a letter for an airline. Did you ever find a good allergist?

On Nov 23, 2001

Dr. Gail Shapiro, Seattle, Washington. Is fabulous with PA, and allergies in general. Another good thing is that she deals with Brian's asthma and immunology issues also. She REALLY understands my boy, and has great techniques to try to get him feeling better. HIGHLY recommend this doctor. Good Luck, Kristi

On Nov 24, 2001

Dr. Robert J. Hart. He has an office in Arlington Heights and Barrington, Illinois.

On Nov 30, 2001

Kissimmee/Celebration Florida home of Micky Mouse has a wonderful allergist named Dr. Ahmed. He does in services all over the county...even came to my daughters school and trained them on using an epi pen. He is wonderful with children (my 5 year old thinks he's Aladdin!) If ever in our area...he's the best

On Jan 12, 2002

Dr. Maryanne Scott, the co-author of the book "The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies" just moved to Bellingham, Washington. I just met her today and am very impressed by her knowledge of food allergies. She has joined Dr. David Elkayam (who also is an excellent allergy specialist) at Bellingham Asthma, Allergy & Immunology.


On Jan 18, 2002

Here's another vote for Dr. Robert Wood. Although I live in northern Virginia, the drive to Baltimore is well worth it.

I'd also like to add a note to anyone searching for an allergist. Please shop carefully and talk to people who know first-hand. Being board certified does not necessarily mean anything. My daughter's first allergist was board certified, had been practicing over 20 years, and was listed in a local magazine (The Washingtonian) as one of the area's best. However, it was obvious after only one visit that he did not keep up with the research and I felt that my Internet education on food allergies was more extensive than his! Thankfully, we found Dr. Wood and have every confidence in his abilities and advice.

On Feb 25, 2002

I'm looking for someone who would be not more than a one-day drive away from So. Indiana, any recommendations?

On Mar 2, 2002


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On Mar 2, 2002

Hello! We are looking for a good allergist in the Reno NV, or Sacramento CA area. The guy that we have seen here, doesnt seem to be very aware on foods, just enviromential allergies.

------------------ Jen Proud Stay at Home Mom to: Allicia: 12/93 Many EA's and a mild dairy allergy Jacob: 3/96 Allergic to Dogs, Cats, Horses, many other EA's. Allergic to Wheat, mild dairy and egg. Andrew 10/97 Anaphylactic to Legumes (reacts most to soy and peanuts), Allergic to egg, dairy, wheat.


On Mar 2, 2002

This message is for momjd. My daughter sees a ped. allergist at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Her name is Dr. Donna Hummell. We really like her and she is seems to be very knowledgable on food allergies. She also specializes in asthma and immunology.

We live in Evansville and it is approx. a 2.5 hour drive for us. I try to incorporate fun things for the kids while in Nashville for the appt.

E-mail me privately @ [email][/email] if you would like some more info.

On Mar 12, 2002

We recently saw Dr. Ebbeling at Childrens Hospital in San Diego. He is a pediatric allergist.

The visit was truly amazing ( and long 2 1/2 hours).

We did skin testing (Dr. Ebbeling is not a big RAST fan), asthma test, talked with the doctor for about 45 minutes, talked with nurse practitioner, offered to send in a dietician, pharmicist came in to discuss and hand deliver meds. prescribed!!

it was very informative. The doctor gave us written directions on how to handle asthma and a lot of dust mite (new allergy for us) information.

I would highly recommend him.

He also mentioned he and his partner are working on developing a research center in San Diego for the sole purpose of researching and monitoring food allergies in children.


On Apr 5, 2002

Dr. Michael S Blaiss, MD - Cordova, TN

Dr. Blaiss has been open to each and every question we have asked regarding PA. He has an email address where he can be reached at any time with questions. Just last night I asked for help with teaching my family when to administer the epi-pen to my 2 year old. By 9 this morning I had a very helpful response. He is wonderfully caring and gentle with the kids and I highly recommend his office!

------------------ Little Man's Momma

On Apr 11, 2002

I can't speak of peanut allergy only as we are dealing with multiple food allergies, but Dr. Baki who is new to Welborn Hospital in Evansville, Indiana is great. Even my dh (who is very hard to please) recommends him. AND his staff is even better. We've been very happy with the attention they've given our son's case. The nurses know who we are and what our problems are instead of just treating us like a number.

On May 11, 2002

Any good doctors in Nebraska? I live in the SW coner. I think we need a second opinion. Connie

On Sep 12, 2002

Dr. Mehra --- moved from Canada to somewhere in the USA (I think Florida), Super Doctor. Straight and to the point.

On Nov 18, 2002

Dr John P,Faraci Allergy and Asthma Care Of The Palm Beaches.

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On Nov 29, 2002

We also live in the SF Bay Area (Walnut Creek in the East Bay). Do any of you who live out this way have a good recommendation for our anaphylactic son (almost 5)?

On Nov 29, 2002

Hi I live in Northern Indiana near South Bend and would love to get a recommendation for a PA aware allergist - our son was tested and I left with an epi pen jr but not much info at all... most things I have gotten from this web site [img][/img]

On Nov 29, 2002

Dr Mullins here in Canberra was great to me after my attack when flying home from LA last April.

He maintains a helpful website as well:


My local hospital, Calvary in Belconnen, is also very PA aware, and were great when I went there at 02:00 after some low-level exposure (from contaminated chocolate).


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On Nov 30, 2002


Check on the support groups board, someone posted there about a support group in central Indiana. Maybe someone in the group can refer you to a northern IN doctor.

On Jan 25, 2003

Dr. Kathryn Krauss in Beaver, PA is great. However, I thought the doctors at Children's in Pittsburgh were awful. They cared more about meeting with the drug reps than answering my questions.

On Mar 17, 2003

trying to find an allergist in the sacramento or bay areas thanks

On Oct 20, 2003

Dr. Helen Skolnick of Princeton Allergy and Asthma Associates in Princeton, NJ is wonderful. I believe she worked with Dr. Robert Wood at Hopkins in Baltimore. She has published an article on the potential for outgrowing PA (and I'm sure other articles). She's the medical advisor for our food allergy support group (SCentralJersey)--see support group board for details. She comes to all of our meetings and answers a lot of questions and is definitely helping improve the lives of so many of us in her practice! Their number is: 609-921-2202. (I'm receiving no commission for my statements :+) )

On Jan 13, 2004

Dr. James Nickelsen in Berkeley, CA is ok as far as PA aware allergists go, granted Jason was still a preschooler last time we went to him.

We're shopping around for an allergist in the Central Contra Costa area.

On Feb 4, 2004

I also use Dr. Elliot Ginchansky. He is in Dallas, Texas. He gave me plenty of information, told me to join FAAN, had his nurse write everything down and give me the notes. I have called on many occasions to ask questions and always get called back in a very timely manner. He gave me many pointers on how to live with my daughters allergies in a way that would still allow her to have a "normal" life. He is WONDERFUL! Can not say enough.

On Feb 4, 2004

Anyone ever heard of Mary Fontana-Penn? She was practicing in PA but has moved to NC and my DD has an appoinment with her.

On Feb 4, 2004

I'm new to the boards and just discovered this thread. I'm hoping that Kami's Mom still reads the board. I'm in N VA too and was interested in who your child's first allergist was. We were also unhappy with our daughter's first allergist and now see Dr. Pung at Georgetown. Thanks. Colleen

On Feb 4, 2004

My dd sees Dr. Weinberger in Iowa City at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

He is a Pediatric Allergist who specializes in food allergies. He is very good. He seems to be up on all the new research and informed me of all the important things. He also gave me the best information I've ever recieved on dealing with her eczema. I had been to two dermatoligists before seeing him and never got as much help as he gave me.

We have to drive four hours to see him. We live in Southwest Iowa. The other options they gave me was going to Rodchester, MN or LaCrosse, WI. Not sure what DRs they were thinking of though.

Angie dd Hunter 3yrs PA TNA EA ds Caleb 6yrs NKA


On Feb 24, 2004

Hi. I just wanted to add another positive note on Dr. Wood. I don't know how we would have survived the last 5 years without him. He is the advisor for our support group, amongst others, has been involved in a ton of research and is on the advisory staff for FAAN. I feel very lucky that we are in his care.

On Feb 25, 2004

Connielynn are you still in Nebraska? We live in Wyoming and we travel 5hrs to Cheyenne (near enough to Nebraska) to see Dr.Williams who is a pediatric allergist and really great! If you want more information email me.

On Feb 25, 2004

HI...we live in Bay Area and I've taken Zoe to 3 ped. allergists thus far. I really like the one we found in San Mateo, CA: Dr. Machtinger. He's also a prof. at Stanford. Very knowledgable and very calm [img][/img] He really knows his stuff plus he will write back on emails! Bonus [img][/img] We've gone to Dr. Nickelson in East Bay and he's nice but not as knowledgable in regards to really young kids (like my 9 month old then). Hope this helps.

On Mar 12, 2004

Dr. Mary Welp in Carrollton, Tx is a terrific general practice physician. She didn't hesitate at all to prescribe not one, but FOUR epi pens for me. She has also referred me to an allergist, however, I haven't made that appointment yet.

I also want to give props to the EMT's in Nashville and the doctors and nurses at Baptist Hospital's ER. They did a great job for me last week when I went into anaphylaxis.

On Mar 12, 2004

Raleigh, NC area -- Dr. Karen Dunn was our first pediatric allergist & she was most excellent. EB

On Apr 20, 2004

We take our son to Dr. Hugh Sampson in NYC. He is the head of the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute. He is amazing, informative, and connected. His reputation in the world of allergies is stellar. We can't say enough about him and his staff.

On Nov 10, 2004

Please let me know of anyone in NY. We are in the syracuse NY area and I wasnt really happy with our first visit which was last that time my 10 mos old was DX with PA at 4+, EA at 4, and dustmites at 2. We will travel as far as we have to!

On Jan 19, 2005

Dr. Carol Fosso in Indianapolis, IN has been excellent. Both my DDs just saw her in November for PA and she was very aware and told me lots of things (that I already knew thanks to this board) about PA, more than your standard "Don't eat peanuts" type comment we got from our old allergist.

On Jan 25, 2005

Hi LittleNoah'sMommy!

We also live in Syracuse, NY [img][/img] We just moved and are looking for an allergist. I was wondering if you found anyone good and also the name of the person you didn't like so we can avoid him/her.

Are there any local support groups that you know of?

Thanks and Stay Safe ~~~ X-Cont ~~~

On Jul 17, 2005

Dr. Donald Brothers, Allergy & Asthma Associates of Nashville, Baptist Hospital Medical Building, Nashville, TN.

Very knowledgeable, treats you like you are the only patient and takes unlimited amounts of time with you to answer questions and provide information, but yet you never wait more than a couple of minutes in the waiting room. He is also very caring and compassionate. Great with children and office is very child friendly. My soon to be 3 yr. old DD LOVES him and so do I. Can not say enough great things about him, his staff and the office.

------------------ Kym Mom of 2 1/2 year old daughter with peanut and egg allergies

On Jul 17, 2005

Dr. Allan Green in the Los Angeles area (Glendale) is a terrific pediatric and adult allergist. Deals w/my son's allergies and asthma, and my daughter's eczema. Very warm, funny, knowledgeable. The first appointment he gives you the whole morning...we were with him for 3 hours! Can't recommend highly enough.

------------------ mom to Ari(5) - severe nut allergies, asthma, you name it - and Maya (8), mild excema