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Hello, I am a boy of 5 who was diagnosed with PA at the age of 2 (My dad is writing this message) for me.

My mother is getting mad at finding peanut in the food she is buying at the stores. The labels do not always mention the presence of this allergen and we you question the food producer, you do not often get the answer you are looking for.

So my dad wonders if someone or some institution built a database of food that you can find in the food stores, and the presence of peanut or other allergens in it.

If such a database existed, it would be a great improvement for my mom and probably many other moms.

Is not it your opinion ?

On Oct 14, 1999

Cyril, I, too, am in search of a list of available peanut-free products for my 6 year old daughter. I have been able to find a number of products that I trust for her consumption, but I'd like to have a broader, update-able list. If there is no response to your question within a few days, perhaps I can help get info from individual companies and compries a list for us and others with similar interests. What do you say? In the meantime, tell mom and dad to hang in there.

------------------ YDC

On Oct 14, 1999

Hi Cyril,

I can sympathize with Mom and Dad - its hard to find a variety of foods that are safe. Tell Dad to refer to the discussion board titled Manufacturers. It has some good information. Take care Kath

On Oct 14, 1999

Hello Cyril (& Cyril's Dad & Mom) [img][/img]

I'd also love to have such a database or listing.

The challenge here is that the listing would have to keep changing to keep up with ingredient changes, or else we would not be able to rely upon it.

Food manufacturers sometimes make ingredient changes that can make a previously peanut/nut-free food unsafe. That's why a lot of peanut/nut-allergic folks call the food companies every so often -- to be sure that the food product is *still* safe to eat.

If such a database didn't correct the ingredient listing quickly, some people might falsely assume a product is safe and eat it. I personally think it's still best to contact the companies before eating any new food product.

Good luck! [img][/img]

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