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Over the last yr I have found some of these valuable links. The level of material varies on the audience. Hope some will be helpful! WE MUST EDUCATE OURSELVES WITH QUALITY MATERIALS. The Internet is like a library and we want to read good books.

1. A free Medline search. You can type in "peanut allergy" or "peanut anaphylaxis" and get abstracts(summaries) of medical journals concerning your subject. This is the Nat'l Library of Medicine, your tax dollar at work for you! [img][/img] Share them with your pediatrician/primary care MD. She/he is a very busy person and is swamped in today's health market.

2. England has their version of an advocacy group, called: Anaphylaxis Campaign. It was started by a man whose child died of a food anaphylactic reaction.
Also, another Brit site is Asthma and Allergy Information and Research (AAIR). They have a medical advisor, a moderated bulletin board, a feature on nut/peanut allergy/anaphylaxis, and lots info on allergy and asthma,too.
3. The Canadians have set the pace and have had wonderful materials for years. Here are a couple of sites from our northern neighbors:
a. The Canadian School Board Association has published a concise,bargain manual, called "Anaphylaxis: A Handbook for School Boards." It is available through their site and costs $10, usa. It has lots of forms and ideas for dealing with schools.
b. Calgary Allergy Network has lots of articles from various sources.
c. Canadian Pediatric Society has a statement from 1994, called "Fatal Anaphylactic reactions to Food in Children".
d. The Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has the early and trend setting Position Statement called, "Anaphylaxis in Schools and Other child Care Settings" that was out in 1995.
e. The Association of Allergists and Immunologists of Quebec also have a site.
f. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has the scoop on food issues in Canada.

4.And to add to our virtual international journey, how about a stop in Geneva, Switzerland? This is a site of a multidisciplinary medical team Childrens' Hospital, in Geneva. It is called F.O.O.D and it has current abstracts(summaries) of medical research about food allergy.

5. Since we have started this world travel, how about to the Allergy Society of South Africa? They have online literature on food allergy and anaphylaxis.

Remember, when doing this virtual traveling, that different countries have different medications,values, and cultures. We must be a discerning consumers and advocate for food anaphylactics. I do not endorse any of these sites. You must think and talk to your qualified board-certified allergist concerning all medical information and your medical plan of care. But the internet is our library.

That's all for now.

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Posted on: Fri, 08/20/1999 - 5:42am
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Stay Safe

Posted on: Fri, 08/20/1999 - 1:06pm
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What a wonderful list, barb! Thanks!

Posted on: Thu, 01/06/2000 - 12:59am
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This list of links, e mail addresses etc. was also sent in:
(If you have links or contact info for other places please add them to this thread (post them here) or e mail them to the address below).
Many of these you will need to do searches on for words (such as peanut or peanut allergy etc.) to find info.
If you find valuable info on any site please post direct links to the pages you find (the web address).
(If you find any links that do not work on this thread let me know).
University of Arizona [url="http://www.?"]http://www.?[/url]
If someone has or can find a link to the peanut allergy part of their site please add it below on this thread. The one that was sent no longer works. Thanks.
Mayo Clinic [url=""][/url]
John Hopkins [URL=
If you can find pages etc. on this site about peanut allergy please post them below.
Healthy Living [URL=
If you can find pages etc. on this site about peanut allergy please post them below.
Food Online [url=""][/url]
If you can find pages etc. on this site about peanut allergy please post them below.
Food Ingredients Online [url=""][/url]
This looks like the same place as above.
Post about it. I am only posting and fixing links that do not work that were sent in. I am not looking to see content etc. at this time.
SafetyAlerts.Com [url=""][/url]
Allergy Asthma Information Society of Ontario [url=""][/url]
Press Herald Online [url=""][/url]
Healthtouch Online [url=""][/url]
The Anaphylaxis Campaign [url=""][/url]
Food Science Unlimited [email]staylor@FOODSCI.UNL.EDU[/email]
IFIC [url=""][/url]
American Academy of Pediatrics [url=""][/url]
The Journal of the American Medical Association [url=""][/url]
Nuttin' With Nuts [url=""][/url]
Calgary Allergy Network [url=""][/url]
American Peanut Council [url=""][/url]
Mt. Sinai [email][/email]
National Jewish [email][/email]
OnHealth [url=""][/url]
Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Wed, 01/29/2003 - 9:55am
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