Link to 1-11-01 ariticle about anaphylaxis.....

Posted on: Thu, 01/11/2001 - 2:22pm
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pThis just came in my e-mail today frombr /
Safety Alerts. It is about how anaphylaxisbr /
is more of a problem then many /
They said that 3.29 million to more thanbr /
40 million in the US are at risk forbr /
anaphylaxis. It also talks about thebr /
importance of epinephrine. Just thoughtbr /
I'd share in case anyone was /
[url=""][/url] /p
pTake Care!br /

Posted on: Thu, 01/11/2001 - 2:49pm
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I thought that article was great. My son had a reaction about a month ago and had swelling in his throat,eyes and had hives on his face just by being touched by someone who had ate a Reese cup. They put him on steriods for 3 days. We almost had to use the epipen. I am going to print the article out for my sons teachers.

Posted on: Thu, 01/11/2001 - 9:51pm
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Thanks! I also printed it out. Great article.
Stay Safe.

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