Link showing how to use Epi-pen-- great for training


Sorry if I should have posted this elsewhere...

If you haven't seen this, check out the annomated "slide show" video on Dey's site. It addresses the casues of anaphylaxis, symptoms, shows how to properly administer the Epi-pen, and what to do after it's given. I'd never seen this before. I think it's a great training tool for school staff, baby sitters, etc. I learned from it (like I never thought about bringing the epi-pen along to the ER, for example).


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On Jun 30, 2002

Gail W, Thanks for posting the link! I will forward the link to my son's preschool. Thanks again. B's Mom

On Jul 1, 2002

Thank you! What a great link! Buffalobeth

On Jul 1, 2002

Gail W, It is a pleasure to have you on the boards! Thank you so much for this important link. I wish that Chris could incorporate this into some standard information page. Very valuable resource. Thanks! *Cindia

On Jul 1, 2002

Thank you for saying that, Cindia. I meet the nicest people on this board!

On Jul 1, 2002


The link is wonderful - thanks

Sue in Sunny Arizona

On Jul 1, 2002


I've never seen an actual demonstration. This is wonderful, I will be showing it to everyone who might need to administer the epi-pen to Dylan.


PS I'm glad the board looks like its back to keeping PA children and adults safe, thank goodness!

On Jul 1, 2002

Gail: Thank you! This is excellent, and I plan to share with others, when educating about PA and Epi-pen! [img][/img]

On Jul 2, 2002

Excellent link, Gail.

Thank you so much for sharing. What an invaluable tool for showing people how to use an Epi.

------------------ Stay Safe.

On Jul 2, 2002

Don't want this great link to get too far away!

Sue in Sunny Arizona

On Jul 16, 2002

Simply re-raising! Great thread!

------------------ Stay Safe.

On Aug 9, 2002

bumping up - good info

On Aug 31, 2002

Bumping this up for our school nurse to use in staff training. (Hi Eliane!)