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Like Me Like You series

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Hi, I recently discovered this series of books by Jillian Powell that have been very helpful for teaching my son about different health challenges that different kids may face. I started to look into this topic because I didn't want my son to get the impression that the world consists only of people with food allergies, and people without. The titles in this series include kids with diabetes, asthma, Down's syndrome, a hearing loss, and a wheelchair user. The one about food allergy has the added bonus for us because the child in the story is an Asian boy. I believe the stories are all about actual people, and they have nice photo illustrations. My son (he's five) really enjoys them. I think they have helped him to realize that different kids can have different challenges, so even if he can't eat certain foods, he can be thankful that he can walk and run, and doesn't have to have two insulin injections everyday, for example. Just wanted to share about this in case anyone wants to check them out.


On Apr 3, 2007

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check them out!