Life before labeling laws - How did we make it?

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My wife and I read every warning and label and think how lucky we are to live at a time when labeling laws help us avoid nuts in foods we give our 4 1/2 year old. She has two brothers with peanut allergies. One is over 50 and the other in his late 30s, and grew up in a time before manufacturers had to give warnings, and maybe not even list all their ingredients. My wifes family had peanut products in the house, since back then people weren't told they shouldn't like they tell us now. I just wonder how we all got along before we were told how scarey life is. Yeah, I know, we drove in cars without airbags and never wore seatbelts too!

By lakeswimr on Apr 30, 2009

Well, life is still like that for people with allergies not covered by labeling laws like my son. Sesame is as potent as peanut but not covered in the USA by labeling laws. My son had serious reactions to things that had no indication they contained any of his allergens but were cross contaminated with sesame including to *one drop* of soy sauce! How do I live? I call every company before feeding any of their products to my son. A lot of work! Even now, even with just top 8 allergens, labeling laws do NOT cover cross contamination so calling companies is a good thing if you have a potentially life threatening food allergy, IMO. More and more companies are better about labeling but relying on labels alone isn't fool-proof. Anyway, best wishes!