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My daughters allergist said that there is no such thing as like everyone mentions on this site - he said that a person is either allergic or not allergic and that there is no higher or lower degree. Is he right? I'm in Quebec, Canada, is it different here?

On Oct 9, 2001

Sounds like your allergist believes what our EX-allergist believed. That only skin tests are a reliable diagnostic tool. I asked about the CAP-RAST test that I had heard about on this site and he really "poo-pooed" it. Not long after that, because of other disagreements about treatment, we dropped him. I still haven't figured out who to see about the blood test, but from what I've read, it can be a helpful bit of information to have.

On Oct 9, 2001

You're doctor is right...to a degree. The test scores everyone here talks about is from the RAST test. I find that this test is very useful in helping to determine what sorts of things one may be allergic to. Without it, I never would have known that my son is allergic to almonds and pecans, but not allergic to walnuts (I wouldn't give him nuts, regardless).

I believe that the test scores can be vague and confusing and not necessarily very scientific. On my son's test result print-out it clearly states that 'this is for informational (educational?)purposes only, it is not to be used as a diagnosis tool or treatment.'

What can be confusing about having these test results is that it is Not a reliable indicator as to what sort of reaction one might have. My son scores a 5 out of a possible six. His allergist says he's never seen a score that high. Yet my son's first reaction was a comparatively mild one. He has never had a reaction since (aside from discomfort smelling pb). Also, b/f I found out he tested positive for almonds, he ate them and almond containing products on a daily basis-with zero reaction.

What I feel useful about having test results is that it has been found that people who score very low have a better chance of outgrowing the peanut allergy. Other's here know more about this than me. I think the figure is about 30% of pa people outgrow the allergy?