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Lisa I for the life of me cannot find your letter(as a parent with no pa children) I was asked for a letter and would like to use yours and a few others.Could I get you to raise it please?

GailW I would also like to use your letter as well.

Vic if you are still on this site I would realy like to use yours as well.

I was asked to see if I can find some educationial infor to send out any sugg? Thanks guys the ball is rolling!

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On Aug 22, 2005


Originally posted by synthia: [b]GailW I would also like to use your letter as well.[/b]

linking: [url="http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum7/HTML/001942.html"]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum7/HTML/001942.html[/url]

On Aug 22, 2005

I see you found it ok. I emailed it to you also.

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On Aug 22, 2005

Linking per your request:


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On Aug 23, 2005

I dont know if this is the type of letter you mean or if you likes it. The principal at the school wrote it. It was given out in all the classes who have a child with pa. I do not know how to link but I know how to copy. Dear Parents

We want you to know that your child

On Aug 23, 2005

Thanks guys trying to give choices I'll let you know which one went out or combo there of.

A letter went out to dd's classroom students I don't have the letter as of yet.

I was asked to supply a letter from a nonPA parent and a informational letter to go out in the monthly news letter.I am suppling a sample of several letters Thanks

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On Aug 29, 2005

This is the letter the school sent to dd's classmates...during the 8 days dd was not in attendance.

One of the children in your child's class has a sever food allergy. The child is allergic to all nuts and nut products. This allergy is somewhat commom and each year we find ourselves with a small number of children, (who are perfectly healthy,otherwise,)with this serious concern.These children cannot eat nuts,nut butter,nut oil,peanut flour, products cooked in a nut's oil,or products that might have nuts in them,(many chocolate candies,even plain M&M's,have ground peanuts in their chocolate formula).

Reactions may be swift and quite sever,even deadly. Reactions can occur from even touching peanut buttre,for instance. It may be as simple as one child,who just ate a peanut buttre sandwich touching the arm of an allergic child with the hand that might have some peanut butter or oil on it,or vice versa. These sever reactions can begin as itchy rashes, hives, a stomachache,or a scratchy throat and very quickly progress to breathing trouble,throat closing,and anaphylaxis. When the response to these symptons is not quick enough,children can die.

In an elementary classroom situation,especially a primary grade situation,parents must recruit teachers and school personnel to share in their vigilance. We have medication on hand that will help control sever reactions and our nurse,the teacher,and key staff members are trained in it's proper use. The food service manager is always available to parents of the allergic children for advice and concerns since the cafeteria continues to serve these products to other children.

We are writing you this letter to go one step further snd hopefully recruit your help,as well,with this matter. Fully understanding the popularity of nut products,peanut butter sandwiches or cookies, for instance,[b]we are asking the other parents in these children's classes to voluntarily avoid the use of nuts and nut products in their childrens's lunches. We further request that peanut products are omitted from classroom party menus. According to Administrative Directive7.18(B)(3),"Foods may be sold or served on campus only if prepared in the school kitchen under the supervision of the school cafeteria or if prepared in commercial conditions approved by the Health Department"[/b] Your willingness to cooperate with this request will help make the school environment a safer place. Thank You.

Sincerely Sig of the principal Principal

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