Letter from 504 coordinator....(I\'m very annoyed)


Here's the letter I dropped off to the 504-C on Monday because of her request again of what accommodations we are asking for so that we can discuss them after the teleconference with the allergist on the 20th. I typed in her response below that and am frustrated how my words were twisted even though, to me, I stated things quite clearly. Give me your opinions please!

Dear 504C,

As per your message from the morning of 03/08/06, I am providing the list of accommodations needed for B in his 504 Plan. You stated that this list is needed so that we may discuss the changes and additions to the current

On Mar 16, 2006


Although I have almost no time these days for the boards, I've tried to follow your case a bit.

Can you explain your rationale for why you believe the school should be obligated to pay for your advocate?

Perhaps I missed some details along the way, but top of head, my reaction is that a decision to engage an advocate on your behalf is strictly voluntary. It's certainly not imposed upon you by any means.

Not trying to be argumentative...and I think advocates can be extremely helpful (if they are good), but again, I think the school may have a good argument as to why they won't pick up the tab for this...unless there is something spelled out in policy that states that schools would pick up the tab...

My 2 cents...

On Mar 17, 2006

I've been thinking about this since you posted... and I'm glad Nutternomore stepped forward to say what I thought and was sheepish to post.

I think what the 504-C is saying is that if due process had continued and you won, [i]then [/i]the district would be obligated to follow the procedures regarding reimbursements of your expenses/fees. But the hearing has been cancelled, right?

On Mar 17, 2006

My frustration about this comes from a chain of events that has caused us continuous financial hardship. I have been at the school two to three days a week serving as a lunch aide from the pnut free table and not getting paid a dime. I've been supplying the hand wipes for the class. Now, because the 504-c wanted to lash back for not giving in to her insisting on signing a blanket consent form, she initiated the due process hearing instead of trying to gain my trust and working it out with mediation or something less drastic than a due process hearing. I feel that the school/school district continually skirts their obligation to my DS. I can understand what might be thought when you only look at it from the perspective of just the cost of the advocate, but there is a bigger picture here. She is also assisting in fixing their mistakes and shortcomings, though I'm sure they would never agree that there are mistakes. I hope this makes sense. Maybe I'm asking for too much and they aren't obligated to reimburse the costs for the advocate, I don't know.

Gail, please don't ever feel sheepish in telling me what you think. I know you're not doing it to be mean :-)

And, yes, the hearing has been cancelled be because of MY "good faith offer" (as the 504-C puts it) to set up the teleconference.

Thanks, Tracy

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I hear you. Your school district is broken, and you want it fixed... and you're being billed for some of the repair costs (in money, time and materials). I completely understand and I've been in your shoes.

It infuriated me when just recently my school principal asked me if I was willing to "help". LOL! Of course what she wanted was my help subsidizing the school's shortfalls in managing my DD's FAs. I politely reminded her that I was already an extremely 'helpful' volunteer in several other [i]unrelated [/i]committees (chairing one, in fact) . I understand that she's trying to be thoughtful (allowing me input/control, hands on) and resourceful, but she doesn't understand that I had been doing the school's job for 6 years before coming to the Middle School. Sometimes when the parent of the 'disabled' child performs the school's responsibility, the parent is only enabling the broken system and I think that this actually can sometimes make things worse because the school looks to you to fulfill that role. Just my opinion.

IMO, MommaBear saw your situation for what it was~ a train they couldn't stop. They initiated due process and then figured out they didn't want it because it would expose their shortcomings.

Can your advocate hep you set things up so that you can obtain some reimbursed for the time you've "volunteered" in the cafeteria, or for the materials you've "donated"? I think she should advise you how to do this within the school district's "system"... is that only through due process? a letter itemizing your expenses? Maybe helping you get some reimbursement for those tangible supplies can offset some of her own costs....

Just babbling...

I feel for you Tracy. What can we do that would be helpful to you?

Hugs, Gail

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Originally posted by bandbmom: [i]Separately, you have asked for reimbursement for Ms. G's services. My understanding of your letter is that Ms. G served as your advocate [b]when you were contesting the District's desire to speak to Dr. X. [/b] As such, the District does not believe her services are "related services" for which the District is obligated to reimburse you.[/i]

I wonder if Ms. 504-C mistakenly believes that your parent advocate advised you that Ms. 504-C [i]should [/i]speak to Dr. X ?

On Mar 17, 2006


Originally posted by Gail W: [b]I completely understand and I've been in your shoes...Sometimes when the parent of the 'disabled' child performs the school's responsibility, the parent is only enabling the broken system and I think that this actually can sometimes make things worse because the school looks to you to fulfill that role. Just my opinion.[/b]

Gail - You are so good at wording things!!

Tracy - I think the majority of us here understand where you are coming from. I do, 110%! But I think Gail is right on. As parents of kids with some special needs, we are in a catch 22. We *must* look out for our children...[i]especially[/i] when we feel/know the school isn't doing enough to keep them safe, but when we do step in (and do their job for them), we allow them to continue with their poor choices and/or lack of action to protect our kids. I wish I had a "fix-it" for you, but I don't....just hugs}}}}.