Let\'s Try to Get Peanuts Out of Chuck E-Cheese, Write to

Posted on: Mon, 03/26/2001 - 3:14pm
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pI've moved this item from the Restaurant Section.br /
Thanks to all who posted there and to the others whom I hope will notice the request here./p
pPlease call or write to Joe Elliot at the Chuck-E-Cheese Corporate Office(972-258-8507: 4441 West Airport Freeway, Irving, Texas, 75062. I have been told by one of the other two people who called that the organization may be open to removing their new peanut item if there is enough public interest. Joe Elliot is very much involved in this issue. I was only the third person to call him on this issue. He did say that he has visited this site and I imagine he will do so in the future. This is a large corporation and it will take a lot of people calling or writing to make a change so WRITE, CALL, whatever it takes to voice your concern! We may be able to do something here./p


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