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I don't know if anyone has bought Lender's bagels, but a few varities say "baked in a nut-free environment". I emailed Pinnacle foods to find out what exactly this meant. I had been so happy to discover this. Anyway- here's the first response I got: ************************************************************************* Thank you for taking the time to contact Consumer Insights regarding your recent purchase of Lender's? Bagels. It gives us great pride to have the opportunity to interact with the individuals who use our products.

On labeling, we disclose all ingredients in compliance with the Food and Drug Administrations requirements. Furthermore, if any allergens are determined to be within these ingredients, they will also be noted on labeling in compliance with The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) of 2004 which was passed to ensure that individuals could easily and accurately identify food ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. The allergens covered under this act are milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and soy.

Beyond those requirements, the details of individual ingredients are part of our confidential formulation which we are not able to disclose.

Our Matton plant which manufactures our frozen and refrigerated Lender's?Bagels is a nut free facility. Co-packers are not considered nut free as they produce products for companies other than just Pinnacle and we can not guarantee their processes. This does not apply to fresh bagels which are made by a third party bakery and at this time can not be confirmed to be nut free.

I hope that you understand why I am unable to assist you at this time.


Sandra Kohler Consumer Insights Representative


So I write back to find out what a co-packer is... and ask for that clarification since, to me, the email is confusing. Here is the second reponse: ***************************************************************************************************

Thank you for taking the time to email Consumer Insights. In response to your e-mail, co-packers are not nut free as they produce products for other companies. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with detailed information on co-packers.

We are always grateful when loyal consumers such as you take the time to communicate their experience with us. It gives us great pride to have the opportunity to interact with the individuals who use our products.


Sandra Kohler Consumer Insights Representative


Anyone have any clue what they are talking about?

Thanks for any help

By jenniferbfab on Feb 26, 2009

We're fans of ray's NY Bagels so we never buy Lenders. I was told via telephone that Rays are made in a nut-free, peanut-free, dairy-free and Kosher facility.

By kvin on Feb 26, 2009

Thanks- those are readily available to us so will use them instead. Thanks for the tip!

By mom2twingirls on May 13, 2009

We love the Ray's bagels, too. They taste great, and the labeling seems straitforward. It's nice to hear that they were so cooperative on the phone.

By TJuliebeth on May 13, 2009

I don't know what was the matter with that rep...

We've talked to Lender's Bagels and from what I understand, the ones that are labeled Nut Free are from a plant that does not use any peanuts/tree nuts. These bagels are made and packaged there. The ones that do not have that label are made and/or packaged somewhere else. Although they do not use nuts in the ingredients, they can not guarantee that there has been no cross contamination.

We have used Lender's many times and never had a problem. We get the plain or cinnamon raisin and always check for the nut free label.