legumes too??


ack! i had no idea?

since I am nursing, should I not have any type of legumes? OMG, this is a lot of stuff!

On Mar 11, 2008

[b]Ok I found this information:

Q. Im allergic to peanuts. Do I need to avoid other legumes? From Daniel More, MD,[/b]

[b]A. Probably not. [/b]While peanuts share similar proteins with other legumes (such as soy, peas, beans and lentils), most people with peanut allergy can eat other legumes. However, many people are told to avoid all legumes because allergy tests often show positive results to more than one legume. This is a result of cross-sensitization, meaning that the similar proteins found in legumes bind to the same allergic antibodies directed against peanut proteins. However, many studies show that true cross-reactivity among various legumes, meaning that allergic reactions actually occur in peanut-allergic people when other legumes are eaten, is only 5%.

The one exception to the above rule is for lupine. Lupine is a legume commonly ground into flour or eaten whole in European countries. There appears to be a high level of cross-reactivity between peanuts and legumes, since up to 50% of people with peanut allergy experience allergic reactions after eating lupine.

If you are told that you have positive allergy tests to multiple legumes, you should check with your doctor before eating any of these foods. Sponsored Links

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On Mar 12, 2008

Hi. I would call your child's allergist and ask the doctor if you should be avoiding legumes. Was your child tested for other legumes? My daughter, who is allergic to peanuts also has reactions to peas, kidney beans, lima beans and navy beans. So we are avoiding all legumes including gums (used in food products)that are made from some legumes.

On Mar 12, 2008

DS was diagnosed at 4 months old and I just stayed away from pn but still ate other legumes. When he started solids around 6-7 months I thought he just hated green vegetables. He would cry and start rubbing his eyes and his mouth so I thought he just didn't like them. It took a bit for the light bulb to go on that they were in the same "family" as pn's. Based on his apparent itchiness to green beans and peas I just quit feeding them to him and don't feed him foods that contain legumes.

He will get another SPT in May and I'm going to ask that he specifically be tested for other legumes as well.

On Mar 12, 2008


It is not common in the US but I would avoid Lupine. It has cross reactivity with Peanuts. I have given my kid other legumes. Green beans seem to cause tummy troubles so I avoid those. Others he doesn't like with the exception of peas which he eats regularly.