I'm curious how many people that are allergic to peanuts have problems with other legumes.

My 14 year old daughter is very allergic to peanuts (aireborn reactions) and she claims that when she eats peas her ears feel funny. I've never been sure if this is true or her excuse to not eat them (she doesn't like them). She eats baked beans and is fine. She is doing a project for school that is a cooking project and her and her partner were going to make hummus which contains garbanzo/chick peas which are a legume. She's never had them, as a matter of fact she just told me she has never in her life had chili (she likes plain foods that are not mixed together).

Now I know that if most kids that can't eat peanuts can eat chick peas that doesn't mean my daughter can but I'm curious.... how many PA people have trouble with other legumes.


On Oct 1, 2005

My son is 20 and has never had a legume and I would not try one.

I recently added chickpeas to my husband's salad and he coughed all night. He denies allergies but I KNOW that was allergic. So I also think he is the source of our son's PA.

I would respect her wishes and avoid all legumes. The funny feeling she gets when eating peas is enough, somewhere on this site we have a guy who gets itching on the inside of his head when eating M&M's, you never know how people are going to feel but I do respect my son's funny feelings.

I might consider avoiding the Hummus (YUM!)

Good luck Peg

On Oct 1, 2005

pixiegirl, you didn't know that your own daughter had never tried chili?

Anyway, okay, I would go with your daughter's *gut* and avoid legumes.

That is not the case in our household and my guy has not had any problems with any legumes whatsoever, but when he did start to object to eating kidney beans (which he had always eaten no problem), I didn't *force* them because they are a legume.

See, I kinda disagree with ruling out a whole set of foods because of an allergy to one, but if your daughter, who is old enough to be clear, has a feeling about a food, I would go with her feeling.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Oct 1, 2005

I am PA/TNA allergic, and also have a slight allergy to peas. I avoid peas, and try to avoid legumes as much as possible. Of course, my manic love for Mexican food means that I periodically overdose on refried beans, but have not had a problem. Actually, only peas show up as an allergy, but I avoid legumes and soy just in case.

On Oct 1, 2005

My son is very allergic to chickpeas. Probably more so than to peanuts.

On Oct 1, 2005

[quote]Originally posted by csc: [b]pixiegirl, you didn't know that your own daughter had never tried chili?[/b]

cindy, The list of what my son has never tasted is so long that I lose sight of what he HAS tasted. I'm not surprised at all that pixiegirl did not know her daughter never tasted chili. You just lose track because they sometimes just want plain things without ingredients. peg

On Oct 1, 2005

My RAST on peas is higher than peanuts. I don't eat any legumes.

On Oct 1, 2005

I'm PA and some other legumes bother me, too. Soy and mesquite for sure. Green beans are okay except for the "seeds" inside. Usually my other legume allergies only bother me if my enviromental allergies are bad.

DS is PA and also allergic to most legumes - we've been advised to avoid all legumes.

At 14, I'd trust your daughter's instinct. I find that I instinctively avoid things that will bother me - often I can't explain my reason for not eating something, I just know I shouldn't. I won't touch green peas, so I assume I'm allergic to them. That said, I believe I've read that soy, lentils, and garbonzo beans are the more allergenic legumes but I couldn't tell you where I've read it or if it's even reliable.


On Oct 1, 2005

Sorry, Peg541, I didn't mean to offend. I mean, I know what my guy has tried and not tried, but maybe in 4 years I won't have. I guess the reason chili stuck out for me is because I know that he will NOT try it, not that he has not been given the opportunity to do so.

Rebekahc, I'm fairly sure that somewhere on here, there is a study showing what the chances are if you are allergic to one legume (i.e., peanuts) what your chances are of being allergic to another legume, compared to a non-PA person, but I'm not clear where that is right now.

Although we don't avoid other legumes, and one of my guy's favourite vegetables is peas, I definitely do not *force* the issue of him trying any food in the legume family "just in case". When it comes to other foods, totally non-legume related, I'll ask him if he'll at least try one bite because he is both a picky and cautious eater.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Oct 1, 2005

My PA/TNA son says that peas and lentils make his mouth feel "dry" and in some way remind him of a reaction. His RAST tests were negative, but we avoid them anyway. There is a difference in taste tho - my son likes peas and lentils, but when he's had peanuts or treenuts, he says they taste "sour" and awful. Thought that was interesting. I have to say, I do avoid beans other than green beans, and have never given him chick peas either.

On Oct 1, 2005

Devin did not test + for any legumes besides peanuts. He eats a ton of peas and a lot of types of beans, and we've never had a problem (he was eating all of these foods before we knew about his PA). He also eats chick peas without a problem. Hummus is one of his favorite foods.

------------------ Mookie---Mom to Devin (PA, 1/2/04) and Brendan (no food allergies, 12/9/99)

On Oct 2, 2005

At 14 I can't/don't keep the same sort of eye on her that I use to. She goes to the movies with her girlfriends, then to lunch at the mall. She goes over to people's homes. So I 100% don't know what she's tried and what she hasn't. As your PA child grows up, things become different. She carries her epi. I warn parents and her friends about her allergy and what to look for in food and in possible reactions she might have when out. But its my feeling that I can't keep her under my thumb any more.

On top of that I'm divorced and her father is remarried and when she see's him on weekends she is in a household with 4 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and the 2 adults. I certainly can't keep track of what they have for dinner so I didn't know if they had ever had chili.

She eats baked beans, green beans and soy without problems, so the chick pea thing is just an unknown.

I think I need to get some new allergy testing done on her. I'll post for some advice on that in a bit.

Thanks for all your advice.


On Oct 2, 2005

Susan, I agree , get some more testing done, and perhaps consider another lot of testing done a 18. It will give your child the chance to ask any questions herself before she leaves home.

The other posts did offer some good points, it's rare to be allergic to all fruit or all legummes, veg etc, but you can be allergic to some within the same group.

My son has an allergy to peanuts and beans, this includes chick peas, however he is Ok with peas and lentils. He used to be allergic to a few tree nuts when younger , but has now grown out of them. ( this is another reason for regular testing.) Its not healthy for children to grow up avoiding whole food groups for no real reason. I hope every one has helped you with this question. sarah

On Oct 2, 2005

pixiegirl, again, I apologize. My guy will be 10 in December month and right now I can tell you almost the exact age he was able to try a new food item (i.e., didn't try a jelly bean, gum drop, or ju jube 'til we finally found some at the age of 7), and I'm sorry you felt you needed to post something personal to further explain. Right now, I am separated from DH but my children do not see him without me being there, but who knows in 4 years if my guy will be in his home eating something that I don't know. I am very very sorry. You cannot believe how much so.

Also, with the age thing, of course. I remember when I was a teenager (and I guess I forgot that yesterday) and started to try all new kinds of foods that my parents didn't eat in their standard British cooking style home (say like pizza even).

So, please please accept my heartfelt apologies. I wasn't "forward thinking".

I do, however, have to agree with williamsmummy in that I wouldn't avoid a whole food group based on an allergy to one and she's given very good examples of how her son is okay with some legumes and not okay with others.

Again, I am sorry. I hope you will accept my apologies.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Oct 2, 2005

I just worry about legumes. My son tested positive for three nuts then the allergist said avoid all nuts. I guess legumes are not mixed or mingled like nuts but I feel like a legume is a legume so my son avoids it. Not necessarily because I don't try to get him to eat it, I just gave up trying on tons and tons of food in favor of his health and who wants to fight?

Plus it is his "just can't explain why" refusal to eat certain things that I believe saved his life so I just don't often offer him the stuff. I figure some day he'll try and find out. He does eat all sorts of things he never did before so maybe some day it'll be peas or chick peas.

And I'd say that 99% of the new things he eats were out of my control, away from home but still with his safety in mind.


On Oct 2, 2005

When we had my ds tested, we only tested for peanuts and dairy, since those were the two things he had reacted to. He eats all kinds of legumes very often.

Peas, green beans, baked beans, pinto, great northern, kidney, white, etc. No problems. Everyone is different! He also eats other nuts and seeds (the ones I can find with no x-contamination issues).

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On Oct 2, 2005


Has your daughter ever tried Peabutter? If so, does she have the same reaction? It is made from brown peas which are a legume. Perhaps if you mix it with jelly on toast, you'll be able to tell if she is sensitive to legumes.

On Oct 2, 2005

Oh gosh it is not a safe idea to feed a child a food to see if they are allergic to it or not.

I'd rely on physician based testing rather than home grown testing.


On Oct 2, 2005

My PA son's eyes itch, turn red and swell if he eats peas. Two doctors told me that he wasn't allergic to peas, but I'm convinced he is and we avoid all legumes because of it.

On Oct 3, 2005

Hi Csc... I'm not angry or what not, so you don't need to apologize... I guess I was just trying to explain how things "change"..... My mother use to tell me I mothered far too much, I nursed for 3 years, my daughter slept with us until she was about 4 and for the first year of her life I hardly ever put her down. I didn't take my eyes off this kid for years and years.

But the changes are good ones... my job as a parent (in my eyes) is to get my child ready to leave the nest and fly on her own (this includes keeping her safe, healthy, happy, etc.) and we are doing that. Not to mention she wants to be more like "other" teens, going to movies (we always take our own candy) to the mall, slumber parties...

We she was 10 I had lots more "control" and I felt far safer... but there does come a point where your child needs to start pulling away, to become a little bit more independent. My girl will have to manage this PA/TNA all on her own someday, so she needs to learn how to do that in bits and pieces now.

So I do understand where you are and you will see in the coming years how things change. I'm sure you'll do a good job of dealing with it, you sound like a very caring person!

Best to you! Susan

On Oct 3, 2005

My son was diagnosed with PA when he was 1. He used to love eating peas and green beans. Slowly, he stopped eating peas, although he never complained that they made him feel funny. I thought that he was just avoiding eating them because they were a healthy food so I continued to serve them to him. He also ate tons of foods that contain soy. At the age of 6, he had a few reactions which we atributed to soy. He was tested and we found that he not only is allergic to soy, but also to peas and a very, very mild allergy to green beans. We did not test for any other legume. He still eats green beans and we alloy him to eat foods that seem to have lesser amounts of soy, but we avoid peas. Allergies can change and develop with age.

On Oct 3, 2005

My DD is 15 and she used to get blotches and swollen lips when she ate green peas, or canned soup with green peas in it. She's never had chickpeas or lentils. She doesn't like baked beans, but never reacted to them, but I don't push it because it's a lentil.

Now, I had the opposite experience to you...I thought my DD had never had chili, except at home, because of the kidney beans, which I leave out. Turns out, she had it at a friend's house about a year ago. I was really upset with her, in spite of the fact that she didn't have a reaction, thank goodness.

She can eat green and yellow beans and snowpeas with no problem, and now she occasionally has had something with minute bits of green pea in it and doesn't react.

I would let your DD decide, especially if she's erring on the side of caution.

Believe me, you have my complete understanding when you describe how little you know about your daughter's eating habits these days! Until my DD was 12 or 13 I had a really good idea, but now I just have to rely on her good sense and sense of self-preservation!

Are you as tired as I am from staying up worrying?


On Oct 3, 2005

Well you know... they say ignorance is bliss... of course I wasn't ignorant before but since being on this list (a few weeks now) I'm far more nervous then I ever was before! Between her PA/TNA and my gluten problems (I have Celiac disease) eating is downright difficult!


On Oct 3, 2005

pixiegirl, thank-you for being so gracious. You didn't have to be. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

As I explained in my last post, yes, I do have I guess the most interesting part of my journey yet ahead of me - where things do get more out of my control and more in control of my PA son's. I actually think that he'll do okay.

But even allergies aside, I was thinking about this to-day further. The first time I tried lasagna was the Kraft lasagna you buy in a box. My friend A.K. made it for lunch for us one day when I was in Grade 7 or 8. I don't think I went home and told my parents. Also, on my first sleep-over, also at A.K.'s, that was when I tried my first take-out pizza (our family did different stuff for take-out) and I don't think or can't remember running home and telling my parents.

Then, as I posted here re my non-PA daughter, I'm hoping that her food journey will be similar to what I experienced when I got a bit older (a bit older than your daughter even), where I got to try all sorts of cooking other than the tried and true British cooking at home. And again, even though I was say 17 or 18 and still living at home, I probably didn't go to my parents and say, hey, I tried Mexican food to-day. KWIM?

So, totally, again, I feel like a right royal witch. Even thinking about how I have led my life without food allergies involved and what grand and wonderful experiences I had trying new foods that we would NEVER have tried in our own home. And then later, even, when first married and the new foods that DH #1 and I discovered together.

So, my comment was totally out of line, especially, as I say, coming from someone who is separated and whose children may very well be going to see their Father and eating who knows what in the future (if I ever choose not to be with them when they visit Dad).

My PA guy is an extremely picky eater. I know that when he was a toddler he lived on something called Fiesta Vegetable Soup and a Minestrone Soup as well - both of them full of different beans.

At a certain age, he started to refuse them (he could simply have been bloody sick of them), but again, because they were legumes, I didn't *force* them on him.

Recently (like within the last six months), he did try a bite of a falafel (chick peas) and although he didn't care for it (they are an acquired taste for some), he didn't have a reaction.

I think it's mostly legumes that I'll let him get away without trying at least a bite of.

Anyway, thank-you again for your gracious acceptance. Talk about putting both size 9-1/2 feet in my mouth at once!

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Oct 3, 2005

Just a random note re: hummus - it is off limits for anyone with a sesame allergy or who is avoiding seeds. Tahini is a major ingredient.

By cheekychicky on Jan 3, 2012

I am allergic to many legumes along with peanuts. As a child I would eat peas and my ears would turn fire engine red. My lips would swell and my palms would itch. It depended on how much I ate as to how severe the symptoms were. I also found other legumes like fava beans did the same thing, but I could eat kidney beans without any problems. I eat chili I make myself with kidney beans and those are the only legumes I will try. I remember eating my mother's bakes beans without trouble, but I don't dare try anything other than the kidney beans I know I can eat. I do believe my allergies have gotten worse as an adult because I have not exposed myself to any legumes I was less allergic to. I'm not saying anyone should expose themselves on purpose to something they are allergic to, but in being so vigilant I believe I have increased my allergy, which was an unintended consequence.