legislation - Peanut Allergy Information


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I realize the school nurse issue has come up before. Virginia schools still have parent volunteers as full time clinic aides. Registered nurses are not always at the schools during the day when the students are there. We have traveling nurses that are assigned to cover several schools. So a child could suffer a life threatening situation and no medical personnel are there during the critical seconds when critical life saving decisions have to be made. I've called the Govenor's office and contacted state legislators over the years but we still have a trained parent volunteer. I would like to see a Federal ruling that certified public nurses must be on duty in schools housing children with certified life threatening allergies. Of note, I read one article that said in Russia the schools have doctors assigned to them, how nice for the Russians. I doubt we'll find any doctors in America willing to this! Nice for the Russian families though.

I would also like to see any food ingredient containing manufactured free glutamic acid (MSG)labeled for the amount to the 3rd. decimal place. Millions of people cannot tolerate even slight amounts of this substance.