Legal Seafood


A great restaurant that started in Boston and is now up and down the east coast at least as far south as Washington, DC. I am peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergic and ate there a few times this fall and summer without difficulty. They explicitly state on the menu that they are committed to meeting dietary requirements and allergy concerns. I was attended to by the waiter and the manager and they came back with questions but the food was delicious and safe.

On Feb 2, 2004

I was eating at Legal Seafood once and bit into a walnut that had found its way into a mixed green salad. I was by myself, not with my son. I do not have a peanut/nut allergy so it was not a problem for me and I did not ask for a meal that was nut free. I just was startled to find a nut in a salad. They do serve nuts on a variety of their dishes. This was clearly an accident, but if had been my son eating the salad...

On Feb 4, 2004

woops . . .we all know that accidents happen, so we have to be vigilant. I will say though, that I had dinner at the Legal Seafood in Boston last summer (2002) without a problem -- I'm PA/TNA.


On Dec 27, 2005

We ate at Legal Seafoods in Burlington, Mass. yesterday. DS is PA and TNA and could not eat the french fries as they flash fry nuts in the same oil as the fries. [img][/img]

On Dec 27, 2005

If you're interested in seafood, I'd recommend McCormick and Schmick's. I've eaten at the Bethesda, MD, and Philadelphi locations and both were wonderful regarding allergy issues. My egg and peanut allergic daughter was able to eat there without problems, including having sorbet for dessert (which was a treat). They were great about answering questions and taking steps to ensure she had a safe dining experience.

On Jan 1, 2006

I was also told at a Legal Seafood in Boston, that the fries were nut contaminated(in the fryer) and she has an egg allergy and could not eat the chicken nuggets either. Those were the only things she would eat at the time(at a restaurant). We always pack food just in case since we deal with the egg allergy too.