Left epi pen on bus!

Posted on: Tue, 02/26/2008 - 10:05am
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My son went on a field trip today to a play. This one parents were allowed. So as we left school the nurse ask me if I had his epi pen and I told her yes. Then I turned to the teacher and gave the bag to her with his epi pen and inhaler and told her that I would get it from her at the play. She came into the theater and I asked her for it so that I could keep it with me and my son. After the play I gave it back to her for the bus ride and then told her I would get it back from her at lunch. Well when we got to McDonalds, she got off the bus and came in without the bag. I went to her and asked her where the bag was.
She said it was on the bus and she would have to walk out and get it. She came back and said the buses were gone! So she had to use another teachers cell phone to call the school to call the bus to find them. It took twenty minutes for the bus to get back with his epi pen. So all she could say was she was sorry and for my son not to eat until the bus came back with his epi pen. You think! :(
The problem was not with the food. He has eaten at McDonalds before, but there is always the chance of cross contamination. The do use products with sesame seeds and also PEANUTS! Then finally after his pen got back, one of his teachers came with arms reach of him with an ice cream sundae with guess what, peanuts on top.
Why can these people not think for one minute? Are they just so wrapped up in their own lives that they cannot see a child with LTFA can die if not properly taken care of. I know that they have 15 other students they have to watch, BUT lets get real here. NONE of the rest of them could die from eating something or touching something they are allergic too!
So what would any of you do? Would you call the 504 coordinator and raise h*$@ or would you call the OCR and ask them what to do? I am at such a loss. I have begged and pleaded with these people and given them more information than you would believe and they still just don't get it.
I have seen it here before and I will repeat it again, YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!!

Posted on: Wed, 02/27/2008 - 1:34am
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I don't have any advice, I just wanted to say I am so sorry. I am just now starting to work with our district for my son. He will be going into 1st grade at a public school next fall. Stories like these really help remind me that it is necessary to keep pushing & educating for our kids. Thank you for sharing your story.

Posted on: Wed, 02/27/2008 - 3:15am
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This is one of the reasons that my DD now wears her medpack with epi-pen and a couple of Benadryl fast melts tucked in the top of the carrier. It clips to her belt loop and nobody has to remember to take it to recess, lunch, fieldtrips, ect... She started wearing her own in first grade and she is now in third grade. This has worked great for us.

Posted on: Wed, 03/05/2008 - 8:10am
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Thanks for you that responded. I emailed the principal and the 504 coordinator and told them what happened. I said that at the next 504 meeting that this should be addressed so that it would not happen again in the future. I also said that I should be allowed to go on all field trips to make sure that my son was safe and had his medication with him at all times. The 504 lady emailed me back and said I was correct this did need to be discussed again. The principal has not emailed me back at all. She knows that she cannot say anything. The last time we talked about field trips, she stated that her staff was perfectly capable of taking care of my child on field trips. NOT! She is eating her words and crow right not so I am sure she is choking and can't respond.
You can't fix stupid!

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