Learning about the Peanut Allergy


I have a 2yr old son with a severe peanut allergy. I am new to the site and have found it to be very heplful.. I am trying to learn all I can about this allergy. My son is in daycare and I have made daycare very informed on how severe his allergy is. Sometimes I think people don't realize how dangerous it is. I got my daycare not to serve peanut butter and parents of other children can no longer bring food from home without showing them labels. I do feel better than I have about him being at daycare but still try to learn things to pass it on to them. I may be extreme to print hundreds of pages of info I find and give them to read but at the same time there learning to. One of my concerns relating to the peanut allergy is all that is asscoiated with it. Such as ingredients. For examople soybean oil. I have been told if your allergic to pb then your allergic to soybean oil.My question is if your allergic to pb are you really allergic to soybean or the amount of soybean that is in a product? Any one with info on ingedient or advice? Thanks

On Aug 24, 2001

My 2 year old also has a PA. He has had no trouble with soybean oil......it is in lots of processed foods (cakes, muffins, etc.) I try to stay away from these foods now, but some he had prior to our knowledge about the allergy and he loves blueberry muffins. He is ok with it so far!

On Aug 24, 2001

My son is also 2 and has PA. He has had his share of foods that have soybean oil and has had no reactions at all.

On Aug 24, 2001

My PA/TNA son is now 6, was diagnosed at 12 months of age. He has no problems with soy in any form...a good thing since for a while his brother could only have soy, no dairy. That is always fun...juggling one food for one son and another food for the other son! Many of you know this routine. I would be inclined to say that as long as your child doesn't have a reaction, you should be alert for the possibility, but not as cautious as you are with peanuts. That's just my opinion though, you need to find your own comfort level with this subject. Remeber, allergies can develop any time. Anyone have other thoughts? Kristi