Leads to help find peanut containing products

Posted on: Fri, 04/30/1999 - 1:42am
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Here is a website (see link at bottom of this post) that has many resources that might help aid us in identifying companies and products which contain peanuts. Please use this information and post what you find out so others will benefit from your time also. If you are uncomfortable posting, send me e mail with the information. Don't forget that posting information is the best way to make it useful to everyone. If you are worried that your opinion could be incorrect, don't forget this is how you may find out! Many people have found out that they were doing something incorrectly when were telling someone else how to do something. Then someone else came along and told them that they were incorrect and what was correct. This educates all of us!

Keep up the good work.

If you find other sites post them and use a "new post" so they will be easy to find. Try to always use the appropriate board but if you don't know which board to use just pick one and do not worry about it to much. Someone else can take the information and post it where they think it will be the best use, but if you do not post it then it won't be here for others to find!
Here is the site, just click on it. When you are there search the site, there is a lot here on peanuts such as bioengineering etc.



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