Lays 0 Trans Fat potato chips

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This is my first posting. Thankyou to everyone for the wonderful information and experiences that could not be found anywhere else. My 12 year old son isPA, TN, sesame, poppy and sunflower seed anaphylactic. We have considered Lay's potato chips safe in the past. A recent visit to my local Dominion Store has changed all that. In their quest to eliminate all TRANS fat from products, Frito Lay is now using SUNFLOWER OIL in all their flavouring fo potato chips. I now will NOT buy their products as I am afraid of cross-contamination even if the product does not say "may contain". Of note, the Dominion Store "Equality Brand is made with Canola oil as are the plain Humpty Dumpty chips, which is also low in TRANS fat. I think this will be an increasing problem as manufacturer's rush to comply with new dietary recommendations. HELP!!!!!