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Since my DD is 3 now and we are approching the school age and I am starting not to be able to breath again I was wondering if anyone can direct me on how to get started on getting a law passed where I live on makeing the school nut free as well as direct me to the 504?? plan . I am not sure where to begin or even who to contact...I need help and thought since you guys have been very helpful in the past what better place to look for some good advise:) Thanks for any info

On Oct 22, 2007

I see that you are in NJ. I'm not sure if you are aware, but the NJ Dept. of Education is in the process of making state guidelines for public schools. They are working in conjunction with There is some information on that website regarding this.

The problem is going to be, in my opinion, in the nut-free department. A lot of schools are not willing to go completely nut-free. I couldn't even get ours to give me a nut-free classroom. The reason for this is that they have to, in their opinion, protect the rights of the children that want to bring in nuts. Rediculous if you ask me, but this is how they think. Other schools are much better about it. Hopefully, yours will be. Parents have been great, though, I don't think anything with nuts has been sent in.

I would love to see legislation that [u]clearly[/u] states that public schools are perfectly within legal limits to ban peanuts from a classroom, if the parents request it. I wrote to the FAI regarding this, but no reply yet.

On Oct 22, 2007

I have a few more things to add:

I would start by contacting the principal of the school you are going to be attending. Ask how they handle things.

Also, very important, contact the superintendent and ask if your district has [u]written[/u] policy on dealing with peanut allergies. If they do, you may be able to find it on the school's website, under school board policies. (This is for public schools, I'm not sure about private.)

This will give you a good idea of your district's attitudes towards allergies. Then you can start requesting changes if need be.

Hope this helps you get started.