Law & Order - Murder By Anaphylaxis


Tonight's episode of Law & Order surprised both DH and I when in the last five minutes of the program, it turned out the Mother had murdered the child by rubbing latex on some sheets and pillows. The child was anaphylactic to latex.

It turned out that when originally autopsied, the coroner deduced that someone had attempted to revive the child. But the therapist originally charged with the murder testified that she had not attempted to revive the child. The lawyers re-questioned the coroner and found that the swelling of her throat area and also a report showing a high release of histamines would indicate that the child had suffered an allergic reaction.

During the time that the child was dying, she vomited, could not breathe, etc. Symptoms of anaphylaxis.

We really felt that they explained the severity of an allergy (in this case, to latex) and the symptoms of anaphylaxis and how it can/does cause death.

Of course, as parents of an anaphylactic child, it is rather disturbing to watch these types of scenarios played out in television shows but we also recognize that the information that was given during the show tonight (really during the last five minutes) helps to educate the public on severe allergies and anaphylaxis.

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On Mar 7, 2002

DH and I just looked at each other in amazement during the last few minutes last night, and I just knew there would be a post about it this morning.

We were glad that the topic of a deadly allergy was exposed, but having it done purposefully was really disturbing. I kind of thought they were going to say it was accidental, from feathers in the pillow or something. But having the mom do it on purpose was pretty creepy. I sure hope this doesn't give other people ideas!

Still, having it out there is positive, overall.


On Mar 10, 2002

OK, I should have known better than to open this thread, since I have taped that L&O and haven't watched it yet! Luckily I even like to watch them in reruns, so knowing the ending shouldn't ruin it for me too much.