Labelling in Florida??


We are planning to go to Orlando. Could someone please update me on the labelling laws in the USA? We are renting a villa so that I can cook all the meals and I will bring as much as I can from Canada but any information would be appreciated.



On Mar 12, 2006

[url=""][/url] will give you this information. If this link doesn't work go to the Labeling Discussion Board. You can find it there.

Basically the labelling in the US covers peanuts, nuts, eggs, milk, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish. None should be hidden in any fashion. However, some manufacturers note shared equipment, in same facility as, etc, but some do not. Note on potential for cross contamination is not required if "good manufacturing" practices are applied for cleaning equipment. So depends on your comfort level, whether you believe the less informative labels. I stick with ones that note more detail or ones that I call to double check. I have a narrow comfort zone though.

If you have a shopping list and want to know of manufacturer's for those items, I will be happy to share our experience with particular brands.

Have a great trip. I am trying to plan a trip to Orlando soon as well.

On Mar 16, 2006

I've been watching this post with interest in the hope that a huge shopping list would appear! As this is not the case, could I please take up your kind offer and ask for the brand names of peanut/tree nut free safe snacks such as Crisps (potato chips), Cookies/biscuits, Chocolate, ice cream and any others I may have missed. We leave for Orlando in three weeks and it would be a great help. Thank you. Jayne x

On Sep 8, 2007

Becky's Mum

Could you please let me know how your trip went? We are going to Florida next month and I just want to know the manufacturer's that are safe for the basics like bread, pasta, cheese, lunch meat.

I was surprised when posting this, I didn't get much feedback.

Any help is appreciated.


On Sep 8, 2007

canada PA, i live in orlando, so i might be able to help you. everything is labeled really well here, as far as i'm concerned, although i've only been dealing with this for a couple of months now. anything i am unsure of, i just don't buy, if you are planning on preparing meals yourself, i think you will have no problem. also, if you are visiting disney, they are REALLY good about FA, as well as a lot of the other chain restaurants in and around disney (like at downtown disney). again, i am new to this (daughter was just diagnosed in july) but i was at wolfgang puck and the rainforest at downtown disney, as well as epcot just in the past two weeks, and was really impressed.

On Sep 8, 2007


thanks for your reply.

Is the bread, pasta and cheese clearly labeled? I wanted to find out what the common brand is for these items so that I can check with the manufacturer before coming.

I'm not worried about restaurants and Disney they seem great from what I've read.


On Sep 8, 2007

do you/your child have PA or another FA? if PA, then we buy:

arnold bread, 100% whole wheat or other varieties (1-800-984-0989 consumer relations dept) SOY LECITHIN, WHEY, NONFAT MILK

sargento cheese, swiss or other varieties (1-800-243-3737 consumer affairs)NO ALLERGY STATEMENT (but all they process is cheese, so i can't think of any X contamination issues there)

barilla pasta, don't have a number for them, as i don't have any in the house right now, but i'm sure you can find one.

whole foods (don't know how you feel about organic/natural foods supermarket) is great, and i believe they just opened one on sand lake road (not too far from disney exits). otherwise, i shop at publix. hope this helps.

On Sep 9, 2007



You have saved me a lot of work. I'm bringing the snacks for him I was just worried about the packaged basics.

He has PA only.

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