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Posted on: Sun, 01/28/2001 - 2:27am
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We are big fans of Krispy Kreme donuts and have never seen or heard of one with nuts. The one here in Raleigh uses no nuts. However, one must be careful when buying them from another source. We went to a local supermarket today where they have a large Krispy Kreme display. I was going to let my sons each get one when I noticed that the supermarket had used the extra space in the display for their own muffins. Of course the muffins were loaded with nuts so there went that treat. I was concerned, naturally, about cross contamination. I thought that once a muffin tray was empty they may just refill it with donuts. I did complain to the manager and did get the headquarter's toll free number. He didn't seem to want me to call so I would imagine that they are not supposed to do that. I'll let you know what they say. I think I will drop Krispy Kreme an email too and see what they say and if they know that stores are doing this.

Posted on: Mon, 01/29/2001 - 1:00pm
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Thanks for the heads up warning "From the South" and "ajas_folks" (especially for the other thread warning).
Yes, well, being from the Toronto area (the world's capital for donut shops...I believe I heard theres more donut shops here than any other city in the world!!), we heard, earlier this month, that Krispy Kreme were coming to Canada and were delighted when we read here that they are nut free.
I emailed them (check out their website) and they emailed me back...
Thank you for writing us. All of our company and franchise stores' products are made 100%peanut & nut free. We have taken into consideration that there are people out there that could suffer serious consequences if
they ingest any of these ingredients. Therefore, in our preparation of mixes, as well as the entire doughnut making process, we are very careful and aware of the factors that could cause cross contamination. We avoid this at all costs to provide the public with a safe, tasty treat. Please let know know if you have any additional questions.
Best regards,
Krispy Kreme Customer Service
So hopefully, this will be the case here too, but of course we'll check before we buy!

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 6:43am
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Joined: 04/12/2002 - 09:00

Here is the response I got from Krispy Kreme in regards to our local supermarket putting muffins with nuts in the same display case. I was very pleased with the quick and serious response that I got.
"Thank you for writing us. We have already forwarded your email to our
sales manager for the market in which the Krogers you frequent is in. Her
name is _______ and she will actually be visiting that location today
for further investigation. Thank you for calling this situation to our
We do appreciate your continued support.
Please contact us again with an future comments our concerns you may have."

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 3:03am
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Anyone from the Boston area see the profile on Krispy Kremes on Chronicle the other night? Seems we might get one somewhere on the 128 belt! Yahoo! If we do, and that one is indeed nut free, I'll be their biggest customer!

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 6:18am
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I didn't see that article but I am so excited that Krispy Kremes are coming to the Boston area! Thanks for the heads up! I will ALSO be a frequent customer! Never thought I would be so excited about another donut place-but it will be nice to be able to go somewhere that is safe. Plus, I am so tired of seeing Dunkin Donuts and HoneyDew on just about every corner!
Shandra (maddiesmom)

Posted on: Sat, 10/19/2002 - 5:24am
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Just an FYI.
Krispy Kreme has Halloween booklets of
coupons for free doughnuts. You can get 25 coupons for $5.00. (Each coupon is good for one free doughnut). Pretty good deal.

Posted on: Sun, 10/20/2002 - 11:58pm
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We are supposed to get one in Medford and one in Dedham - last I heard.

Posted on: Mon, 10/21/2002 - 7:59pm
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PattyR-there are a couple of krogers around here and they both have the doughnuts that are prepackaged by krispy kreme and they have a sticker on the box so that you can make sure it hasn't been opened. Does your kroger have them? They weren't near the doughnuts in the case, but were on a table in the middle of the aisle near the front of the store. I won't buy anything in the self serve section since I have seen too many people use their bare (probably not clean) hands to fondle all the doughnuts looking for the one they want.
Also, some of the ones in the cartons also say they are made in a place that uses peanuts/nuts-only the ones with chocolate coatings, I think. When I go to buy some, I check the chocolate ones first because if I see that warning I feel safer buying the ones without the warning, if that makes any sense.

Posted on: Tue, 06/17/2003 - 8:22am
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We buy packaged Krispy Kreme doughnuts at Walgreens. I was suprised that the Honey Buns had a tree nut warning. The Original Glazed did not.
The Honey buns said "Distributed by your local Krispy Kreme doughnut store." The glazed said "manufacturd by your local Krispy Kreme store."
I believe that the ones made in a Krispy Kreme store are safe. But, I did not know that Krispy Kreme put their labels on doughnuts made in other facilities.
My husband saw the Krispy Kreme label and thought both were safe.

Posted on: Wed, 06/18/2003 - 12:30pm
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I have never seen Krispy Kreme "Honey Buns". They are not in the stores here or in the Costco or in the Jewel (Safeway same as Walgreens I think) here.
Maybe some local baker has made a deal to have things distributed by KKreme?
DD (PA/TNA) has eaten glazed, sour cream and filled doughnuts with no problems.


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