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I have been finding kosher snacks that my son can have that are dairy and egg free and am having trouble finding out if they are peanut safe. I called Bloom's (one of the makers of Kosher foods) and they said that NONE of their products are safe. I know that Paskesz is not safe b/c they have a may contain warning. My son has been eating Lieber's cookies/crackers w/o any issues. I have tried to call the company and nobody seems to understand what I am asking! I chose the Lieber's brand b/c they don't appear to offer and cookies or crackers that contain nuts or peanut butter so they seem safe but I may very well be wrong. It is really really hard to find things that are dairy, egg, and peanut free (as well as a long list of other less common things such as peas, carrots, squash, corn(but not derivitives), tomato, strawberries, and raspberries). My son has never actually had peanuts but tests greater than 4 and his other allergens that test this way are true positives (plus peas are in the legume family and he's very allergic to those). so, we obviously are assuming PA. If anyone knows about any of these products please let me know!!


On Sep 25, 2002

This list was developed for my child's Hebrew Day School (some parents may have different comfort levels with different items, but I felt that, with regard to cross-contamination, I'd feel comfortable having these in the room with my son)--

Here is a list of kosher treats and snacks that are safe for most peanut/nut allergic kids:

Pareve Treats: Dum Dums, Astro-Pops, and Saf-T-Pops lollipops (Spangler company) Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Fruit Gushers and Fruit Roll Ups (Betty Crocker) Hot Tamales (Just Born company) Icee Squeeze Tube frozen treats Laffy Taffy (Nestle) Licorice

On Sep 25, 2002

I recently called Snyders when I noticed that Genuardi's (I live in Pennsylvania) was carrying a new product called Strawberry Yo-tzels (strawberry yogurt stuffed inside a rolled pretzel bite). There was no allergen warning on the packaging; however, I noticed that another bag contained Peanut Butter stuffed inside the pretzel. The rep told me that while Snyder's itself is a nut-free facility, THESE PRODUCTS ARE MADE BY AN OUTSIDE MANUFACTURER AND THAT I SHOULD ASSUME THERE IS CROSS-CONTAMINATION. I told the rep that I was VERY concerned about the lack of warning, especially because so many of us with allergen concerns are always being told that Snyder's products are safe. The woman told me that the person in charge of this very issue was currently in a meeting discussing the very topic of what needs to be done by Snyders regarding the lack of warning. Call Snyders and voice your concern too!

On Sep 25, 2002

Welcome Multallergy!

Many of the Kosher food companies are relatively small operations, and not too allergy savvy. I've found Manischewitz to be very helpful and aware. I believe it is them that has a dynamite website with all ingredients listed, even by allergen.


On Sep 25, 2002

Companies like Paskesz and Blooms don't produce their own products- they do runs at other companies.I once called Paskesz and spoke to an understanding woman who gave me phone numbers of the plants where specific items I had questions about were manufactured. The next time I called I spoke to someone who stated I should consider everything unsafe. I'm sure that some of Blooms products are safe as well, it's a matter of getting someone there willing to take the time to find out.

On Sep 28, 2004

I'm still in search of a kosher, pareve cookie for my son's school lunches. Anybody have any luck? I'd appreciate any leads on safe kosher products, especially the baked goods. Thanks so much (and Shana Tova to all our Jewish folks).

On Sep 29, 2004

Yonit...I was in the grocery store today and noticed that Kedem makes pareve tea biscuits (looks like plain cookies to me) in 3 flavors--plain, chocolate, and vanilla. They were on sale and only the vanilla was on the shelf--the label read ok to me.

I did not buy them as I'm also dealing with a sesame seed allergy and buy very, very, very few Kosher bakery items (right now, can't even think of a one!). I do buy Kedem grape juice--love it!

If you do check out Kedem or have already done so, please post the info you received. I did go to their site [url=""][/url] and it appears they are also a food distributor which may make obtaining info difficult.


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On Sep 29, 2004

mmm, those Kedem biscuits sound very promising! I will see if I can find them around here.

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On Oct 4, 2004

Yonit, Donni,

At the recent FAAN walk in Chicago, I found an allergen-free nutrition bar that meets your requirements of kosher, pareve, nut-free, sesame-free, etc. The sample I had (chocolate chip) was pretty good. I believe they are also baked. Here's their site: [url=""][/url]

On Oct 4, 2004

Enjoy Life Foods offers cookies that are free of gluten, wheat, dairy, casein, egg, soy, nuts, potato, gmo's, hydrogenated oil, artificial anything AND - made in a gluten-free & peanut-free bakery. The web site also says, "great taste, super nutritious (fiber, protein, vitamins), naturally sweetened, wholesome ingredients, kosher." They have a website and we also recently found the cookies are our health food store and at a local supermarket. Hope this helps.

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On Oct 5, 2004

Yonit, Donni,

I saw a kosher, pareve nutrition bar that is also allergen-free (nuts, gluten, soy,sesame, etc) at the FAAN Walk for a Cure this past weekend in Chicago. They do make a chocolate chip flavor...and I think the bars are baked. My kids liked the samples handed out at the tent during the walk...I found there website here; [url=""][/url]


On Jan 30, 2005

I called Kedem and got a reply by phone . . . the man said that the tea biscuits are peanut/nut-free, including for cross-contamination. The wafers though do have a chance of cross-contact. If anybody can get confirmation of this, that would be great. I think the more people that call some of these companies, the more their consciuosness is raised (and perhaps the more reliable the information we get). I'm still in search of a good pareve cookie that is safe and "mainstream" enough in taste to be acceptable for our school lunch program. Has anybody used Stella D'Oro?

By the way, I called Paskesz about some cookies and brownie bars they have which are made in a plant in Holland, but had no allergy warning, and they are NOT peanut/nut-safe. Their Belgium plant which makes the chocolate coins and their choc. chips is still nut-free.