Korean Air


We are getting ready to move our family to Hong Kong (which is another topic). We will be flying there on Korean Air. Has anyone ever flown with them? My toddler is severely allergic. I am very nervous and will do everything suggested.... wiping area, bringing own food, etc.

On Jul 3, 2006

Have never flown them. Have you tried calling their customer service # to find out what their policy is so you can have some idea of what to expect. It will also give you a chance to ask them the best way to communicate with the flight crew. You should also make sure that the information you provide when you make a reservation stresses that your child has a very severe peanut/nut allergy. Ask the person taking the resrvation to be sure to include it in your reservation record on the computer. When the flight crew gets the customer info, it will be on there for them to see. It will at least give them a heads up. See if the reservation rep. and customer service rep. can suggest anyways to help insure that the flight is peanut/nutfree.

What a big move for you! Good luck with the flight and adjusting to a new country and home!

On Jul 3, 2006

Thank you for the well wishes! I did contact their customer service and I just received their "bottled" reply.... can't promise a peanut-free environment, etc. They did flag our reservation. I have to have Dr. notes for the epipens and that my son is fit to fly. They did say that they are unable to refrigerate anything, but they did not say if they would heat up food. I guess I will have to add a cooler to my growing list of things to carry on the plane. I need two more arms!

I wish we were flying another airline. I did not know the status of American or United, or I would have urged my husband to book with them. Maybe it is not too late.

I wonder if it would be better if we had seats on the second floor? We would not be exposed to the entire plane; although, the air is probably circulated throughout the entire plane. Any opinions?

On Jul 11, 2006

I've flown Korean Air to Seoul in business class a few years ago and would highly recommend sitting in the upper level (2nd floor.) It holds just a few passengers (all business and or first class) so your exposure will definitely be less. The lower level holds hundreds of passengers jammed into a small space. It almost looks like a can of sardines.... Also, peanuts and dried squid are popular Korean snacks so I would be very careful about other passengers munching on them throughout the flight. Good luck.

On Jul 12, 2006

My husband was able to have our seats moved to the upperd deck, so I feel a little better. I am hoping that the stewards will be understanding. So far, there has been little cooperation with talking to the airline themselves. I will be aware and we will be fine! Right???? Now if I did not have to worry about all the political turmoil over there.........