Klein Family Farms/Klein Bros. Arroyo Seco Sunflower Kernels

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Hi everyone,

I have a severe allergy to peanuts, and I'm not sure if I have an allergy to other nuts (I haven't been brave enough to try them, and haven't been tested). I'm also allergic to gluten and a number of other odds and ends.

I just bought Klein Bros. Klein Family Farms "Arroyo Seco Sunflower Kernals".

On the packaging, it says "Packaged in a facility that also packages tree nuts. This bag may contain other organic pieces. A peanut free facility."

If you were allergic to peanuts and unsure if you were allergic to other tree nuts, would you consume them? It's not likely that I am allergic to almonds since I consumed them a few times as a child, but I'm unsure on other nuts.

I would call the company, but it's a Sunday. Plus, there is no number on the package.

What are the manufacturing requirements of companies like this? Do they have to wash the machinery between batches to ensure that there are no nuts or seeds leftover from a different product? If not, I'm sure there could be dust or residue on the sunflower seeds, right?

I would love any information or input that you have. Thank you.