Kit Kat - Nestle UK - Peanut warning?!


Does anyone know anything about this??

I bought an 8-pack of milk chocolate Kit Kat bars from Nestle UK today at World Market. On the wrapper itself, there is no allergen warning - as there never is, because Kit Kats from Nestle UK have always been safe.

However, when I got back to work I realized there is a sticker attached to the wrapper which DOES have a "May contain traces of nuts, peanuts and wheat protein" warning on it! The sticker doesn't appear to be from the store itself, and lists all nutrition facts and ingredients, along with the best by date (which is the same as that on the wrapper) and bar code. The only difference is the allergen warning!

I have emailed Nestle UK to ask about this and will post as soon as I hear. In the meantime, has anyone else seen this or heard anything about it? I will be crushed if UK Kit Kat bars are no longer safe!!!