Kit Kat bar candy


My wife, she is so good about this stuff, noticed this morning a new allergy message on my highly PA daughter's candy this morning. The Kit Kat bar packaging said, "Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that processes PEANUTS." No more Kit Kat's for her.

Everyone might want to double check. I am posting this on the General Discussion board so more people will see it.

On Aug 14, 2000

Before any Canadians worry, I want to point out that the Nestle's Canadian Kit Kat bars are still in a nut free manufacturing plant.

On Aug 14, 2000

Makes me miss the time we lived in Port Huron, Michigan and could just go over the bridge to Sarnia, Canada...

On Aug 14, 2000

Could someone in Canada send us some safe KitKat Bars? HaHaHa

On Aug 14, 2000

There are so few candy bars that we can purchase for our egg and pn allergy son. This is disheartening. The warning is new however, the risk of exposure has probably always been there. Now we know.

On Aug 14, 2000

I have noticed this warning but does anyone know anything about Rolos? My son likes those but am wondering if they are safe.

On Aug 14, 2000

When my kids have been eating the product all along, and then suddenly the wrapper appears with the warning, I honestly ignore it and let them have it explaining why the label is on there and they have had it in the past, so it is fine. Sometimes I wonder if they do it for legal purposes only.

On Aug 14, 2000

I posted this once before somewhere here in a discussion about Kit Kat bars. Seems most people here felt they were safe, but I have always reacted to them by getting an itchy throat. Often, minute cross-contamination will do that to me and I just assumed they were unsafe even though there was no warning on the label.


On Aug 15, 2000

NaoimR I know I'm in Southern Ireland but Rolos are labelled with a "May contain" on the wrapper so I don't give them to Orla. Kit Kats are still safe here, I bought some yesterday so if anyone wants me to send some by post I would be delighted to. cath

On Aug 15, 2000

Cath, The wrapper on the Rolos here does not contain a warning. I guess I will be calling just to see and I will let you know what I find out.

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On Aug 15, 2000

MkRuby- Thanks, I many times do give my son an item if he has been eating it all along and then the warning May contain shows up. i was thinking I was a bad Mom. However, wif we are travelling we avoid 'May contain" foods.

On Aug 22, 2000

With the Kit Kat bars I think something must have changed in the manufacturing process. I called the company about two years ago and they said there is no "may contain" statement because that candy was manufactured on a safe line. The woman I spoke to reminded me to read the wrapper every time because, she said, if the manufacturing process were to change, and the candy was no longer safe, the "may contain" warning would be added to the wrapper. They were also the ones who told me about FAN.

------------------ Sandra

On Aug 23, 2000

Just to add my two cents. We all need to be careful then labeling changes. I had a similar experience with a cookie that I always use to buy. They changed the package and I did not read the Label until we got home. When I called the Company I was told that they had changed facilities and these cookies where now manufactured in a plant that had all their peanut Cookies.

May times companies either change facilities or manufacturing policies. When Label changes it's not a bad idea to call and find out why. But we all have different comfort levels.

On Aug 27, 2000

Hi all, Today at the shops, I picked up a Kit Kat, and it did say may have peanuts. Then I got the king size one and it didn't say it on it. Does anyone know anything about that or have any input on it? Val