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I've "researched" on kissing with a peanut allergy on the internet and I still have one question that isn't answered anywhere!

Is it safe for the person I'm kissing to have eaten something that "may contains nuts/peanuts"? Or do I have to get them to avoid everything containing and may containing peanut? I'm starting to enter the dating world and It's very nerve racking. Any other tips on dating allergic reaction free would be appreciated too

By PolarBadger on Jun 21, 2015

As far as i know if say the person your kissing has eaten a Peanuts, peanut butter, etc before kissing then yes it will cause an allergic reaction(a few years ago someone died because there SO had just eaten a PBJ and then kissed them) if you plan on going on a date with that person pick a place you know your safe to eat at. I know it sucks, every time i go out with friends or girlfriends places to eat get narrowed down drastically. If that other person really likes you they will be willing to work with you.

By Eve18 on Jun 23, 2015


I absolutely think you could get a reaction depending on how sensitive you are.

I found out that my son (then 4 months old) was allergic to cashews and to a lesser extent other tree nuts that way. I ate them then kissed him and his face blew up in an allergy reaction. We got a referral to an Immunologist and sure enough, the SPT showed allergy to cashews especially (the welt was enormous.)

I can completely understand why you'd be nervous about dating and how to explain your allergy to a person you hardly know and of course about any serious reaction.

I have a number of food allergies and intolerances myself and I was always very honest and open about it whenever I ate food when on a date. I'd usually just have coffee on the first date and if it led to a subsequent date, then I'd tell them. After all, if you're dating to find someone to marry or have a long-term relationship with they've got to be understanding (if not, better you know sooner rather than later!)

Good luck and best wishes! Eve

By millsci on Jun 24, 2015

Great question!

I'm in my 30's and have PA/TNA as well as severe allergies to eggs and fish...so I've dealt with this one! I've really only dated people that I already knew from school or work, so they were already aware of my allergies and had previously dealt with the "OK, where can we all go for dinner where Kate can be safe?" question before there was kissing! Usually when I'm explaining my peanut allergy to people for the first time, I'll say "I need to actually eat it, or touch it, or touch someone who has touched it to react. So If you eat peanuts or nuts, no holding hands or kissing!" This usually gets a laugh, and it means that most people I'm in regular contact with are aware of exactly how careful they need to be.

And I've definitely had to ask the, "so have you eaten anything I'm allergic to today?" question right before a kiss. And had the "Oh my god you taste the same way that Caesar salad smells! Did you eat Caesar salad today? It has eggs and fish in the dressing, and I'm sorry but I need to go and take my Benadryl now." right in the middle of a kiss!

My rule is if they've actually eaten anything I'm allergic to, I'll wait until after hands and face have been washed with soap in the bathroom and teeth have been brushed before kissing. But in terms of may contain warnings, we're good. I've never had a reaction from kissing my partner or my kids after they've eaten a "May Contain" warning product, but I guess it depends on how severe your response is....and common sense. If it's regular M&M's with a peanut warning, I'll ask for the full wash hands/brush teeth treatment before a kiss because I take that "may contain" very seriously. If it's a popsicle that has a "May contain fish, mustard and eggs" then I'll kiss my partner without worry!

My partner has given up nuts and peanuts for me (the only time he's eaten them in twelve years has been when I was away in China for two weeks!). As for the other allergies, he carries a toothbrush in his suit pocket at all weddings and functions we go to so he can do a quick brush and wash after supper and kiss me later!

As I'm sure you've already noticed, your close friends "get it" and are willing to give stuff up when they're with you or be aware of what they eat before they see you, so any potential partner will be willing to do this too! Just let them know what you need/what you're comfortable with.

Sorry this ended up being so long! Good luck!