\"King Size\" Hershey Bar


We came across a "King Size" Hershey Bar (one of the many Hershey makes). It did not have the typical warning: "Manufactured on shared equipment...." or "May contain peanuts or treenuts".

What gives? Is the labelling accurate. Can't remember the "oz" size of this bar. It was flat, not rounded top, with square block like pieces each with a letter of the "HERSHEY" name on them.

Anyone? Is this labelling accurate, or are they just getting lax?

On Feb 11, 2007

I don't think Hershey has gotten lax. Somewhere in this board in the past year we had the 'various sizes of Hershey's bar' discussion...if you search using my username you can probably find the specifics.

From what I remember: The pound and 2-lb bars have a same equip warning as peanuts/almonds, as do the 5 oz larger bars. The 1.55 oz regular flat bars have no warning, and the King Size have no warning. I've forgotten the ounces on the King Size. (just found it 2.66 oz each)


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